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Renesas and Nidec to Collaborate on Semiconductor Solutions for Next-Generation Electric Vehicle E-Axle
Texas Instruments held lectures on new energy topics in Wuhan and Xi'an by technical experts in colleges and universities
STMicroelectronics and Sanan Optoelectronics plan to set up a factory in Chongqing to produce key components for electric vehicles
Microchip recently announced the launch of new development resources and design services
Samsung launches Exynos Auto V920 automotive chip: CPU performance is 1.7 times that of the previous generation
Vitesco Technology and ON Semiconductor signed a long-term silicon carbide supply agreement to jointly invest in silicon carbide production expansion
Japan vigorously develops semiconductors, subsidizes Micron, and introduces EUV lithography machines
Broadcom is likely to be another company after Nvidia that benefits from the need for AI infrastructure
Intel, which has been left behind by competitors such as Nvidia, will reverse the company's fortunes through large-scale factory expansion
Nexperia: Total revenue will reach US$2.36 billion in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 10.7%
Broadcom proposes antitrust pledge to EU to facilitate clearance of $61 billion VMware acquisition
Samsung Semiconductor will reduce the amount of wafers put into wafers by 10%, and the EUV production line will be even worse
Japan invites semiconductor giants to talk about what results can "Chip 4" gather in Japan?
Major international semiconductor manufacturers are aggressively deploying in Malaysia
Major semiconductor manufacturers are actively deploying the automotive SiC market
GlobalFoundries' Q1 automotive chip revenue soared 122%! However, the Q2 financial forecast was lower than expected, and the stock price fell by 9%
These are Dynamic Analysis of Power and Storage Semiconductor Industry, we will collect more Dynamic Analysis of Semiconductor Industry, if you are interested in, please follow us—Lansheng Technology
The United States strongly stimulates China's semiconductor industry, and South Korean companies are forced to set up factories in the U.S.
The United States strongly stimulates China's semiconductor industry, and South Korean companies are forced to set up factories in the U.S.
The global automotive semiconductor sensor market will reach $14 billion in 2028
The global automotive semiconductor sensor market will reach $14 billion in 2028
The Latest Chip Market Information About ADI, Microchip, XILINX By Lansheng Technology
TSMC's US-made chips are expensive, and US customers are considering switching to Samsung and Intel
Daily Semiconductor Industry Information By Lansheng Technology
Daily Semiconductor Information By Lansheng Technology
How will the large-scale application of chiplets affect the semiconductor industry?
Sony once dreamed of catching up to Intel
How popular are the products of automotive chip maker ON Semiconductor?
Bangalore to Dubai Flights: Discounted Flight Tickets Available Now
How to Instantly Add Money to Venmo from a Linked Bank Account * Install the Venmo app and sign in * After that, select the You tab (the single person icon) to reveal the menu.
In this article you'll get to know about the features of an upcoming IPhone SE 3.
Asus India's new VivoBook 13 Slate 13.3-inch OLED Laptop will definitely blow your mind. To know more about the laptop read this article.
Besides European governments, Big tech firms are also angered by the Russian government's actions against Ukraine.
Over 10,000 mobile users have been updated with the new malware dubbed "Teabot" that was discovered online.
Over 10,000 mobile users have been updated with the new malware dubbed "Teabot" that was discovered online.
Facebook took a major step to prevent Russian State Media from gaining profit.
Spotify introduced a new feature called "CTA Card" to help advertisers getting more engagement.
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Indian IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnav welcomed Intel in India. Read further to know more.
Apple releases the limited edition of Beats Studio Buds. Read the complete article to know the specifics.
Apple is planning to release Intel-powered Macs in future. Read the complete article to know more.
Hyundai is all set to represent its robotics-based transportation aspiration at the CES convention.
here in this update, you will get to that You can finally chat with Facebook if you can’t log in?
It is full of opportunities and often attracts people from different backgrounds. In this article, we discuss the things you need to know if you're interested in working in tech, and provide tips to help you find tech jobs.
Fresher employing feeling across organizations is progressively improving, with IT Sector alone extending to 31% passage level employment opportunities. In excess of 2,50,000 freshers have been employed in FY22 up to this point
Instagram is giving bonus to the content creators for posting reels. To know more read the article below.
Elon musk has no obligation to the employees listening to music at the workplace.
Telegram announced the launch of a "sponsored messages" feature. Read the complete article to know the benefits of this feature.
Yahoo has been shut down in China, to know what is the reason behind this sudden decision read the article further.
After a successful launch of Android 12 now Google is all set to release a new update called Android 12L.
Google added a new update to its video conferencing app Google meet, read the news to know more about it.
Now you can keep scrolling continuously as Google has brought an 'Endless Scroll Layout' for mobile devices.
Apple will soon add a new update to its platform to assist users to avoid being trapped in a fake app scam. Read the article to learn more regarding the update.
Discover all the details regarding the upcoming Nokia T20 tablet and G50 smartphone in this article.
Make a video call with up to 50 people on Instagram using Messenger room. To learn more, read the article further.
By restricting virtual machine software's ability to run Windows 11, Microsoft provides its users yet another reason to be upset.
Samsung will release some fantastic range of smartphones in upcoming months. To know more, read this article.
Microsoft finally added it's Cloud Game Streaming Service to the Xbox Gaming application for Windows.
in this article,I will tell you about 3 apple widgets coming to iPhone and iPad in fall 2021
YouTube has introduced a new reward system under which each creative YouTube short video will get rewarded. Do read the article in full to know more about it.
Here i present to you top 3 Samsung phones within your budget.
Are you looking for a inexpensive PSU for your PC then you are at right place, here I'll show you some good PSU's which are available at cheap price.
Today in this article I'll explore some of the best LED TVs specifically designed for gamers.
in this article I will tell you about the four best Android phones for 2021 -upgrade the cheap
Flipkart has launched a new Feature AI-powered feature "Flipkart Camera" to improve the shopping experience on its platform.
How to Become Atmanirbhar with the “Make in India” programme.
Windows 11 Supported AMD Processors
Windows 11 Supported Intel Processors
Windows 11 - Official Introduction
NEWS: Now Node Js 16.4.0 available to download. hurry up and upgrade your local NPM version to 16.4.0.
News: Now you can go and use .NET 6.0 Preview 5 features list which is Released on 17 June 2021
News: Save photos from Gmail messages directly to Google Photos with a new “Save to Photos” button
News: Hand Raise in Google Meet more Improved with Animations of including automatic hand lowering, better notifications, and more...
News: Microsoft's Brand New Windows 11 New UI Leak. Know more about Windows 11 Release Date
Recently Jason Beres (Senior VP of Developer Tools) at Infragistics announced with his blog that What's New in Infragistics Ultimate 21.1.
An accelerometer sensor is a sensor that can measure acceleration. It is usually composed of masses, dampers, elastic components, sensitive components, and adaptive circuits. In the process of acceleration, the sensor obtains the acceleration value by using Newton's second law, measuring the inertial force on the mass block. According to the different sensitive components of the sensor, common accelerometer sensors include capacitive, inductive, strain gauge, piezoresistive, piezoelectric and so on.
In the new feature of Whatsapp, users will get the option to mute the audio before sending the video. Which is going to be very interesting for users. The company has been testing this feature for a long time.
Azure now offers five more free services using Azure free account.
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The new features introduced by the Microsoft 365
Video conferencing application introduced by Reliance Jio
Amazon launches Relation Database Service which is a completely managed Database proxy.
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Microsoft Introducing Azure Synapse Link in MS Build 2020
This News is about New Data Centers of Microsoft Azure
A short news on Project Moab
A short news on Project Bonsai
Microsoft Introducing .NET Multi-platform App UI at MSBuild Event 2020
GitHub is now free for teams
Apple has just launched the new iPhone 11 series with 3 models and multiple variants. Here are the insights of OS- the IOS 13 of the new iPhone 11 series
Apple officially unveiled three new iPhone varients for the year 2019. Continuing the series the iPhone's varients are iphone11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. These iPhones are set to go on sale later this month. Apple has made a design change as far as the camera setup is concerned and added a new powerful processor to boost the performance of these three new iPhones. Here’s everything – prices, availability, features – that you need to know about the three new Apple iPhones.
if you are an Amazon Web Services Cloud consumer so this news is for you only.
A total of 2.5 crores devices have already been infected around the globe, including 15 million mobile devices in India.
US law enforcement agencies routinely use state driver’s license data for unofficial surveillance.
Apple users who are running the latest operating systems can now sign into iCloud on the web using Face ID or Touch ID
After getting banned from Google's official Android licensing program, Huawei is all set to launch its own OS, which is claimed to be faster than Android and Mac OS.
The new feature Puppets allows android users to choose from five playful characters Dinosaur, Panda, Cat, Owl and Dog to record a video with, and the app will use Microsoft’s AI technology to mirror their head movements and facial expressions in real-time. You can share Puppets widely, they are not limited to any specific messaging app.
Recently, tech giant Microsoft announced that the new Outlook on the web is now ready to roll out to all Office 365 customers. Microsoft had made the new web app available as an opt-in experience last year to get feedback and suggestions for improving the product.
Recently, GitLab shared that its 12.1 release marks the conclusion of the deprecation period for MySQL and it will no longer support MySQL.
iOS 13’s third developer beta has added a new feature "FaceTime Attention Correction" that makes it look like you’re staring directly at your front-facing camera during FaceTime calls, even when looking away at the person on your screen.
An open letter posted by more than 30 groups influential with Democrats has demanded a halt to the Facebook's digital currency project "Libra".
Google has announced that it is open sourcing its own robots.txt parser in an effort to turn the Robots Exclusion Protocol (REP) into an official internet standard.
Google has released the developers portal for its modular, capability-based OS, Fuchsia.
MIT researchers have developed a new programming language designed for computer vision, robotics and statistics - "Gen".
Microsoft has officially partnered with Truffle to bring Truffle blockchain tools for developer experience and DevOps to Microsoft Azure
The release contains several improvements, closing approx 70 issues including a plot viewer with the Python Interactive window, parallel tests with pytest, and indentation of run selection in the terminal.
This service will help enterprise customers with high security or operational policy requirements get cloud database management services.
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RPI 4 is the first ever to be advertised as “complete desktop computer”.
Amazon Alexa will possess this new skill which will monitor its surroundings for signs of a heart attack and call for help
The attacker remained undetected for 10 months, was able to take advantage and stole 23 files in the process.
The US bans Huawei. Claims against national security that Huawei has close ties with the Chinese government.
Facebook revealed that it is ready to launch its own cryptocurrency by 2020.
The client stay away for the indefinite future back baffled once they approach the specialized group for their issues to be replied and afterward to be viably given an answer. The specialized group tends to address enormous mass of clients in a single day as they are open constantly.
Microsoft joining Qualcomm and Google to bring Chrome to Windows on ARM
Microsoft launches new AI applications for customer service and sales
New Discovery Confirms That Earth Has Two Other ‘Moons’ Orbiting It Made Completely Of Dust
Samsung has declared its latest system-on-chip (SoC), the Exynos 9 Series 9820 processor
A Poison-Detecting Watch for Gas and Oil industry Workers, Hydrogen sulfide kills. Here's a watch that warns you if it's around.
Five of the top 10 supercomputers are American, two are Chinese, and Switzerland, Japan, and Germany each have one
Don't worry about sharing Aadhaar number. Now get a Masked Aadhaar and your Aadhaar number is safe and secure
Hybrid aeroboats can run in land, water, snow and ice. These vehicles are capable of carrying more than 10 people can prove to be very useful for the disaster management authorities.
30/10/2018 HP, 1958 Views
HP discloses pocket-sized printer 'Sprocket Plus' at Rs 8,999 for new era...
26/10/2018 NASA, 1994 Views
New Horizons color images observed by scientist which reveal two distinct faces of Pluto
The Galaxy A6s is the first Samsung phone not made by Samsung
iOS 12, the latest version of the Apple mobile operating system available as a free software update. Camera now will launch up to 70% faster, the keyboard will appear 50% faster.
Google announced the release of its newest Chrome Beta  'Chrome 70' with several new capabilities like Shape Detection feature and fingerprint sensor.
Microsoft has announced the release of PowerShell Core 6.1. a task-based command-line and scripting language
cryptocurrency is not a legitimate  ‘currency’ or ‘money’ under the existing legal frame
“We are aware that some people are having difficulty accessing their Instagram accounts. As we investigate this issue, we wanted to share the below guidance to help keep your account secure. If you received an email from us notifying you of a change in your email address, and you did not initiate this change – please click the link marked ‘revert this change’ in the email, and then change your password.”
You tube has rolled out dark theme to watch videos on Youtube for a longer period of time without getting strained eyes.
Li said that Google launched its search service in China before Baidu. But when Google withdrew its search engine from China in 2010, its market share was in decline and Li claimed this was because Baidu had surpassed the U.S. firm with "technology and product innovation."
It often happens that email conversation becomes a long thread over time as more people get involved in it. After a point, it becomes very tough to scroll and finding out one particular email sent by someone.
The controversy began after a French security expert Elliot Alderson on Twitter, posted about the presence of UIDAI toll-free number 1800-300-1947 in the contact list of Android smartphone users.
If we talk in terms of zeros: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000, these many zeroes will be in $1 trillion. Apple closed Thursday above the $1 trillion mark, finishing the day up 2.92 percent at a share price of $207.39 (roughly Rs. 14,250).
"These days the children don't play at break time anymore, they are just all in front of their smartphones and from an educational point of view that's a problem," said Jean-Michel Blanquer, the French education minister.
Just like the chats, these calls are also end-to-end encrypted. Now, one can also think that this is a group calling and hence a better network connection will be required.
Apple expressed grief towards those who were affected by the flood and lent a helping hand in a way that it will repair any iPhones, Macs, iPods, and iPads for free which are damaged by the flood.
The technology will be tested in central Kenya, which has been difficult to service due to mountainous or inaccessible terrain. The high-altitude balloons have already helped regions Peru and Puerto Rico devastated by floods and hurricanes.
The Supreme Court has asked parliament to consider enacting a new law to effectively deal with incidents of mob lynching, saying “horrendous acts of mobocracy” cannot be allowed to become a new norm.
According to Corning, people drop their phones an average of 7 times a year with more than 50% of drops occurring within a meter height. Corning has put its glass into over 6 billion devices manufactured by more than 45 major brands.
Apart from Amazon, a number of different partners like Apple-owned Shazam, which is already integrated with Snapchat, would also help identify the sent content.
The feature goes live across all countries including the US, its home market. Users need to have the latest supported version of WhatsApp to see the new forwarded label on their phones.
Noah electric city car is built by students from TU Eindhoven University of Technology and is made out of biocomposite with flax and sugar being the main component.
E-commerce market place has been vitiated to a great extent in past years by several leading e-commerce companies by indulging into all kinds of malpractices including predatory pricing, deep discounting and loss funding.
According to officials it probably hit user accounts between May 29 and June 5.
According to app now the Airtel users get 90GB data which was previously 50GB data.
A German engineering student named Philip Frenzel has invented a new device that looks like a ‘mobile airbag’.
Netflix will soon be streaming a web series based on Salman Rushdie’s novel Midnight’s Children
Facebook is working on “Your Time on Facebook” which could help users to manage their time spent on Facebook app
Sometimes, it is almost impossible to describe what you want to search for using words.
25/06/2018 News , 2149 Views
He also shared his plans to better the conditions in Africa.
Know why Google engineers denied building security tools to win military contracts
World Economic Forum (WEF) features two Indian startups in the list of 'Technology Pioneers'
One plus 6 sells 1 million units globally in just 22 days
Microsoft has announced the Xbox Adaptive Controller, an Xbox controller designed for people with disabilities.
According to CCI statements, Google which is a unit of US firm Alphabet Inc has been dominating in online web search and online search advertising markets.
This article explain about list of cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, those gain the popularity like Bitcoin,
Here we provide steps that protect yourself from Ransomware wannacry attack and also provide unprotected IP and Domains.
AI is helping e-commerce players in simplifying image search, automated meta-tag generation and real-time recommendation for their Consumers.
Stack Overflow has released its much-anticipated Developer Survey 2017. Stack Overflow is conducting this survey each year. This year’s survey is the biggest in Stack Overflow’s history with 64,000 developers taking part.
Google made a big changes in Gmail, now Gmail users can not attach JavaScript file(.js) in attachment