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Samsung Semiconductor shares storage solutions in the era of artificial intelligence and big data at ODCC2023
STMicroelectronics’ low-temperature drift, high-accuracy op amp increases operating temperature to 175°C
Toshiba further expands Thermoflagger™ product line – a simple solution for detecting temperature rise in electronic devices
Intel launches Thunderbolt 5 connection standard: bandwidth up to 120Gbps, three times higher than the best existing solution
Inventec and Renesas Electronics jointly develop automotive gateway proof-of-concept product
Dalian Shiping Group launches permanent magnet synchronous motor drive solution based on NXP products
STMicroelectronics' Location-Aware Mobile Network IoT Module Receives Vodafone NB-IoT Certification
Vishay Introduces Tiny Infrared Sensor Module with Modulated Carrier Output for Code Learning Applications
Toshiba Develops Industry's First 2200V Dual SiC MOSFET Module, Contributing to High Efficiency and Miniaturization of Industrial Equipment
Vishay Introduces Thick Film Power Resistors with Optional NTC Thermistor and PC-TIM to Simplify Design, Save Board Space and Reduce Cost
ROHM Develops Thermal Printhead with Industry's Fastest Printing Speed ​​of 500mm/sec for Barcode Label Printing Applications
STMicroelectronics launches STM32 programming debugger with extended power range, enabling next-generation ultra-low power applications
STMicroelectronics launches STM32 programming debugger with extended power range, enabling next-generation ultra-low power applications
STMicroelectronics launches STM32 programming debugger with extended power range, enabling next-generation ultra-low power applications
NXP Introduces Next-Generation Secure, Power-Efficient i.MX 91 Family, Extending Linux Capabilities for a Wide Range of Edge Applications
Samsung's new Sensor OLED, the first panel with built-in fingerprint and heart rate sensors
Toshiba's New Digital Isolator Enables Stable High-Speed ​​Isolated Data Transmission for Industrial Applications
"1.8nm" process has no opponents, Intel chip foundry wins MediaTek: mass production in 2025
Silicon Labs Announces the Launch of Next-Generation and Third-Generation Wireless Development Platforms
Texas Instruments Introduces New High-Precision Hall-Effect Sensor and Integrated Shunt to Simplify Current Sensing
New progress in large-area perovskite solar energy: Toshiba's 703 cm2 module achieves 16.6% efficiency
Silicon Labs Accelerates Sidewalk Networking Adoption with New SoC and Development Tools Optimized for Amazon Sidewalk
Microchip Introduces LAN9662, New Gigabit Ethernet Switch for Industrial Automation
Intel Ruixuan Graphics DX11 performance update, and launched a new Intel PresentMon\xa0Beta
NXP continues to innovate to improve the positioning accuracy of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to millimeter level
Toshiba Launches Small Photorelays with High-Speed Turn-On Contribute to Shorter Test Times for Semiconductor Test Equipment
STMicroelectronics releases 100V industrial-grade STripFET F8 transistor with 40% higher figure of merit
Diodes Incorporated High Efficiency Buck Converters Offer Various POL Design Diversity
ON Semiconductor's Next-Generation 1200 V EliteSiC M3S Devices Improve Energy Efficiency in Electric Vehicle and Energy Infrastructure
STMicroelectronics' USB-powered EPR overall solution has been certified by USB-IF, and the output power of a single power adapter is up to 140W
Diodes Incorporated Introduces Space-Saving TVS with Superior ESD and Surge Protection for High-Speed I/O
Samsung announced that it would abandon Android and compete with Huawei Hongmeng, which caused a shock in the global technology community
Intel teamed up with Synopsys, a major EDA manufacturer, to promote the implementation of Intel 3/Intel 18A process
Toshiba Launches Automotive 40V N-Channel Power MOSFET in New Package Contributing to High Heat Dissipation of Automotive Equipment
The global consumer electronics market will exceed US$1 trillion in 2021, and the CAGR is expected to exceed 8% from 2021 to 2027
WP World Peace Group launched a computer case fan lighting control solution based on NXP products
STMicroelectronics Introduces Hot-Switch Ideal Diode Controller for ASIL-D Automotive Safety-Critical Applications
Intel’s advanced manufacturing process has suffered another setback, Ming-Chi Kuo said that Qualcomm has stopped developing Intel 20A chips
Samsung Electronics discloses BSPDN (Backside Power Supply Network) research results for the first time
Allegro acquires TMR magnetic sensor developer Crocus Technology for $420 million
ROHM Adds 5 New 100V Voltage-resistant Dual MOSFETs with 5.0mm×6.0mm and 3.3mm×3.3mm Sizes to Achieve the Industry’s Ultra-Low On-Resistance
Major companies such as Micron, Intel, and UMC have collectively rushed into Singapore
Technical advantages of ON Semiconductor's new ElitePower simulation tool and PLECS model self-service generation tool
Infineon expands 1200 V 62 mm IGBT7 portfolio with new current rating modules
Toshiba Launches World's First Real-Time CO2 Emissions Measurement Technology: 1.7 Seconds, 150 Times Faster than Ever
GlobalFoundries Acquires Renesas Non-Volatile Resistive RAM Technology, Strengthening Memory Portfolio
STMicroelectronics mass-produces PowerGaN devices, making power products smaller, cooler, and more energy-efficient
WP World Peace Group launched an electric vehicle charging pile solution based on onsemi products
STMicroelectronics Introduces Innovative Infrared Sensor to Improve Presence and Movement Detection in Building Automation
Intel Completes the Allocation of USD 425 Million in Green Bond Proceeds, Continuing to Strengthen Sustainable Development
Qualcomm and NXP and other major chip manufacturers promote RISC-V automotive chips
Rutronik exhibited a variety of latest solutions from Infineon, providing customers with highly competitive application advantages in the market
STMicroelectronics Simplifies and Accelerates Wireless Product Development with STM32WB1MMC Bluetooth® LE Certified Module
STMicroelectronics STM32 USB PD MCU now supports UCSI specification, accelerating the widespread adoption of Type-C power supply
STMicroelectronics STM32 USB PD MCU now supports UCSI specification, accelerating the widespread adoption of Type-C power supply
Dapuwei announces mass production of enterprise PCIe 5.0 SSD equipped with Marvell Bravera™ SC5 master control
Intel promotes the deployment of optimized solutions for the smart education industry
ON Semiconductor's silicon carbide revenue increased nearly 4 times year-on-year
TI's innovative wireless MCU solution helps users accelerate the embrace of the Internet of Things
Toshiba Introduces Miniaturized Ultra-Thin Package Common-Drain MOSFET with Lower On-Resistance for Fast-Charging Devices
Renesas Electronics Introduces 10 New Portfolio of Successful Products Including Automotive Grade
Intel completes the installation of the Aurora supercomputer, which will become the world's first supercomputer with 20 billion calculations per second
Allegro MicroSystems Introduces First ASIL C Safety-Rated Magnetic Field Current Sensor for Electric Vehicle Powertrains
Toshiba Launches Thermoflagger, a Simple Solution for Detecting Temperature Rise in Electronic Devices
ON Semiconductor and Magna Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement to Invest in Silicon Carbide Production to Meet Growing Electric Vehicle Market Demand
ON Semiconductor and Magna Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement to Invest in Silicon Carbide Production to Meet Growing Electric Vehicle Market Demand
Micron Introduces Higher-Performance High-Capacity, High-Bandwidth Memory to Fuel Generative AI Innovation
Samsung's own chips are back: news that the European versions of the Galaxy S23 FE and S24 series will be equipped with Exynos processors
NXP's Q2 revenue is 3.3 billion, of which the sales volume of automotive chips is the highest
Consolidating MCU Advantages with Solutions Renesas Embraces Arm Automotive Ecosystem
Infineon Launches Two New XENSIV™ Air Pressure Sensors for Engine Management and Pneumatic Seating Systems
Intel AI software and hardware work together to provide acceleration for the Llama 2 model
Renesas Electronics Automotive-Grade MCU and SoC Cybersecurity Management Certified to ISO/SAE 21434:2021
ON Semiconductor Expands Bluetooth Low Energy Microcontroller (MCU) Family to Automotive Wireless Applications
20Gbps 2x2 switching switcher from Diodes Incorporated enables fast multitasking/switching for automotive media and driver assistance systems
STMicroelectronics Introduces Second-Generation Industry 4.0 Edge AI Microprocessor
Texas Instruments Introduces New Family of Vision Processors to Enable Scalable Edge AI Performance in Smart Camera Applications
Samsung launches its first GDDR7, which will further strengthen the application capabilities of AI, high-performance computing and automobiles
ON Semiconductor and BorgWarner Expand Silicon Carbide Strategic Cooperation, the Total Agreement Value Exceeds $1 Billion
STMicroelectronics' automotive-grade micro-power op amp withstands harsh temperatures and prolongs service life
Infineon and Semikron Danfoss sign supply agreement for electric vehicle chips
Intel's second-generation Core CPU rose 21%, and the core display soared 2.4 times
Texas Instruments Introduces Silicon Carbide Gate Drivers to Maximize Electric Vehicle Range
Texas Instruments Introduces Silicon Carbide Gate Drivers to Maximize Electric Vehicle Range
ON Semiconductor Introduces New Hyperlux Image Sensor Family, Leading the Development of Next-Generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to Improve
Texas Instruments Enables More Robust, More Affordable Wi-Fi® Technology for Connected IoT Applications
Teledyne e2v and Infineon Partner to Provide Processor Boot Optimization for Edge Computing Space Systems
STMicroelectronics Introduces Industry's First MEMS Waterproof Pressure Sensor
Renesas Electronics Selects Altium to Unify PCB Development Tools and Accelerate Solution Design for Partners and Customers
STMicroelectronics releases galvanically isolated high-side switch with diagnostic control and protection for industrial loads
Renesas Electronics Introduces R-Car S4 Starter Kit for Rapid Software Development of Automotive Gateway Systems
Nexperia launches new 600V single-transistor IGBT for outstanding efficiency in power applications
STMicroelectronics releases 100V industrial-grade STripFET F8 transistor with 40% higher figure of merit
Microchip Releases New Long-Range USB 3.2 Reclocker/Signal Repeater Device for Automotive and Industrial Applications
Toshiba's 100V N-channel power MOSFET contributes to the miniaturization of power supply circuits
Onsemi M3S EliteSiC MOSFET allows car charger to upgrade to 800V battery architecture
Intel Prepares Z890 Motherboard Chipset for Arrow Lake-S and Raptor Lake Refresh
STMicroelectronics Introduces VL53L7CX Multi-Region ToF Ranging Sensor with Camera-like Field of View
Infineon launches new generation of dual-channel isolated gate driver ICs to boost system performance in SMPS designs
Intel promotes the integration of edge computing and artificial intelligence to help innovation and development in the digital age
Element14 will join hands with ADI to appear at the 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair
Intel Selected for COOLERCHIPS Program, Committed to Creating New Cooling Technologies for Future Data Centers
Infineon's CoolSiC™ XHP™2 high-power modules help drive decarbonization of energy-efficient electrified trains
Infineon's CoolSiC™ XHP™2 high-power modules help drive decarbonization of energy-efficient electrified trains
ROHM's New High-Voltage Hall IC Series Makes Your Automotive Applications Even More Powerful
Microchip Launches Multi-Year $300 Million Investment Plan to Expand Presence in India
Renesas launched more than 35 new MCU products, motor control embedded processing expansion
IAR fully supports Infineon's latest TRAVEO T2G CYT6BJ body control MCU family products
Infineon's HYPERRAM 3.0 memory chip is paired with the third-generation chipset of Autotalks to enable automotive V2X applications
New Dual-Band SoC Extends Connectivity Range for Amazon Sidewalk, Wi-SUN and Proprietary Long-Range Wireless Protocols
Silicon Labs Boston Office Opens New Connectivity Lab, Ecosystem and Developers Come Together to Celebrate
ON Semiconductor Introduces End-to-End Positioning System for More Power-Efficient, High-Precision Asset Tracking
Infineon: Semiconductors enable intelligent driving and the evolution of vehicle electrical and electronic architecture
STMicroelectronics Introduces Integrated Hot-Swap and Ideal Diode Controller for Automotive Safety-Critical Applications
EU Commissioner Emphasizes: Europe must focus on cutting-edge chip manufacturing and lead the development of chip manufacturing
Samsung is speeding up production of AI-oriented HBM memory chips to compete with SK Hynix and TSMC
Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix will still lose money in the second quarter due to weak chip demand
Airbus and STMicroelectronics team up to develop aircraft power electronics components
Micron launches its first UFS 4.0 product with sequential read and write up to 4,300 MB/s, 4,000 MB/s
Samsung announces Exynos Auto V920 chip specifications: Xclipse GPU with integrated RDNA 2 architecture
Intel will sell half of its chipmaking unit in two years, saving up to $10 billion in costs
With a total investment of 22.6 billion yuan, Texas Instruments Semiconductor Factory plans to build 2 new factories
Microchip's Power over Ethernet Solves Powering Problems for Wireless Applications
US semiconductor company Micron may go to India to invest 1 billion US dollars to build a factory
Broadcom launches second-generation Wi-Fi 7 solution with transmission speeds up to 8.64 Gbps
ROHM develops RGB SMD LEDs for automotive interiors to reduce chromatic aberration caused by color mixing
Intel plans to invest $4.6 billion in a semiconductor assembly and testing plant in Poland
NXP introduces new top-cooled packaging technology for RF power devices to further reduce the size of 5G wireless products
Winbond Electronics Launches Next-Generation 8Mb Serial NOR Flash for Space-Constrained IoT Edge Devices
Building the Future of Embedded Processing Together, Texas Instruments Appears at Shanghai International Embedded Expo
Toshiba Introduces Small Package Motor Driver IC with Fewer External Parts, Saving Board Space
EU approves 21 billion euro IPCEI project, beneficiaries include Infineon, Bosch and Zeiss
Nexperia | Expands Portfolio of ESD Protection Solutions for Automotive Ethernet
Microchip Expands Radiation-Tolerant Gigabit Ethernet PHY Lineup with New VSC8574RTPHY Device
Nexperia Launches E-mode GAN FETs Supporting Low-Voltage and High-Voltage Applications
Infineon boosts high-power systems with new EiceDRIVER 1200 V half-bridge driver IC family
EU wholesales 8.1 billion euros in public funds to support chip research and development
ROHM begins mass production of 650V withstand voltage GaNHEMT with industry's highest performance
Renesas and Nidec to Collaborate on Semiconductor Solutions for Next-Generation Electric Vehicle E-Axle
Texas Instruments held lectures on new energy topics in Wuhan and Xi'an by technical experts in colleges and universities
STMicroelectronics and Sanan Optoelectronics plan to set up a factory in Chongqing to produce key components for electric vehicles
Microchip recently announced the launch of new development resources and design services
Samsung launches Exynos Auto V920 automotive chip: CPU performance is 1.7 times that of the previous generation
Vitesco Technology and ON Semiconductor signed a long-term silicon carbide supply agreement to jointly invest in silicon carbide production expansion
Japan vigorously develops semiconductors, subsidizes Micron, and introduces EUV lithography machines
Broadcom is likely to be another company after Nvidia that benefits from the need for AI infrastructure
Intel, which has been left behind by competitors such as Nvidia, will reverse the company's fortunes through large-scale factory expansion
Nexperia: Total revenue will reach US$2.36 billion in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 10.7%
Broadcom proposes antitrust pledge to EU to facilitate clearance of $61 billion VMware acquisition
Samsung Semiconductor will reduce the amount of wafers put into wafers by 10%, and the EUV production line will be even worse
Japan invites semiconductor giants to talk about what results can "Chip 4" gather in Japan?
The Latest Chip Market Information About ADI, Microchip, XILINX By Lansheng Technology
TSMC's US-made chips are expensive, and US customers are considering switching to Samsung and Intel