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New Pluto Image Puzzle NASA Scientist

New Horizons color images observed by scientist which reveal two distinct faces of Pluto

The images show two very different faces of the mysterious dwarf planet (Photo: NASA)

NASA's New Horizon rocket has caught staggering hued pictures of Pluto as it prepares for a nearby flyby of the mysterious planet framework since July 14.

The pictures demonstrate two altogether different countenances of the mysterious planet, one with a progression of interesting spots along the equator that are uniformly divided.

Every one of the spots is around 480 km in distance across, with a surface territory that is generally the measure of the province of Missouri, the US space organization said in an announcement.

Researchers presently can't seem to see anything very like the dim spots.

"It's a genuine puzzle - we don't comprehend what the spots are and we can't endure discovering," said New Horizons vital specialist Alan Stern.

Likewise astounding is the long-standing and emotional distinction in the hues and appearance of Pluto contrasted with its darker and greyer moon, Charon.

For over two decades, planetary researchers have dashed to get a shuttle to Pluto against expectations that its environment would vanish - actually solidifying onto the surface - before it could be investigated