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Big tech companies imposed restrictions on Russian media

Besides European governments, Big tech firms are also angered by the Russian government's actions against Ukraine.

The impact of Russia's attack on Ukraine is beginning to be seen in the digital world as well. Recently, Google has banned Russian media channels RT, Russia24, TASS, RIA Novosti, and others from earning money on its platform YouTube. The Russian army's attack in Ukraine is being told behind this move of Google. In addition, Russian YouTube media channels will no longer be shown in Ukraine.

                                     Image source: The verge

Apart from Google, Facebook has also taken a big step regarding Russian media. Facebook has recently banned the earnings of Russian media. Apart from big tech firms neighboring European countries also imposed strict restrictions against Russia over banks, oil refineries, and military exports in order to weaken the economy of the nation. 

Ukraine's government also thanked the companies and neighboring European countries for supporting Ukrainian citizens in this crisis. 

However, the question arises here, who is more suffering by these restrictions Russian government or the civilians living there. Now it remains to be seen whether these restrictions lead to any change in the attitude of the Russian government.