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Samsung Semiconductor shares storage solutions in the era of artificial intelligence and big data at ODCC2023

Samsung Semiconductor shares storage solutions in the era of artificial intelligence and big data at ODCC2023



【Lansheng Technology News】On September 13, the "2023 Open Data Center Summit" hosted by the Open Data Center Committee was held at the Beijing International Convention Center. Cui Zhangshi, vice president of Samsung Electronics and head of the memory new business planning department, delivered a keynote speech on "Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Storage Solutions in the Data Era" at the meeting. At the same time, at the booth, Samsung Semiconductor showed participants storage products adapted to the big data era of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Samsung donated the permanent use rights of the SITS system to ODCC. SITS is a software designed specifically for SSD testing and evaluation. It can help users test the performance and stability of solid-state drives more conveniently and efficiently, and can provide detailed test reports.

At Samsung's keynote speech this time, Samsung Electronics Vice President Choi Chang-seok introduced the "Turing Test" to raise the question of whether machines have the ability to think. He pointed out that one of the important reasons why machines are increasingly capable of "thinking" is memory capacity. . Especially in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, higher memory capacity means better performance.

At the same time, he proposed that since memory capacity is limited by the central processor, we must make full use of storage expander technology and fine-tune tiered solutions to move towards a memory-centric heterogeneous architecture.

He also introduced Samsung’s series of storage products for artificial intelligence and machine learning. High-bandwidth storage "HBM3E" optimized for high-performance computing; 32Gb DDR5 DRAM (fifth-generation double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory) planned to be available by the end of the year; and Samsung's first 8-channel NAND ultra-high-performance PCIe 5.0 data Central dedicated solid state drive - PM9D3a. The large-scale storage solutions that Samsung will provide in the future include LLC DRAM solutions capable of handling large-scale SRAM workloads, CXL-based storage expanders, and CXL-based memory-semantic SSDs. Samsung continues to develop the gigabit-class ultra-high-capacity storage solution "PBSSD".

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