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Hyundai is all set to unveil a robotics-based mobility concept

Hyundai is all set to represent its robotics-based transportation aspiration at the CES convention.

Hyundai will introduce a robotics-based transportation aspiration at the CES convention. The company's concepts will be showcased underneath the idea of 'expanding human reach,' highlighting how artificial intelligence can develop the eco-system of tangible transportation. 

                                  Image courtesy: Tripal J Saipan

Hyundai will explain how its prospective automation will "empower mobility between the virtual and physical worlds" and eliminate the external obstacles that currently exist in daily travel. Hyundai's'mobility of things' theory, which will assist conventionally insentient artifacts to relocate independently, will be represented by technological advances at the exhibition. One technology that will be demonstrated at the occasion is an innovative plug-and-drive robotic module. 


According to Hyundai, the briefings will "portray the approaches of the business of rewarding mankind's ambition for infinite liberty of mobility, with robots tying the physical world and virtual world." The company will also demonstrate its entire robot products range, such as its mobile eccentric droid, which was introduced late last month. The tiny, four-wheeled robot can deliver suitcases, parcels, operate as a stroller, or even employ as a waiter at events. 


The company also intends to launch a health and mobility approach to strengthen relaxation levels while traveling and help control stress while driving a car. People can join the live-stream event at 11:00 pm on Tuesday 4 January.