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Nvidia, a popular tech firm in California, was hit by a massive cyber attack.

Nvidia, a California-based tech firm, recently became the target of a huge cyber-attack.

Cyber attacks become common in tech firms recently, a California-based chipmaker and graphics card manufacturing firm Nvidia also became a victim of a massive cyberattack where sensitive information of the clients was exposed. 

                                         Image source: The Verge



When a famous news portal asked a question regarding the cyber attack on the firm the US-based chipmaker firm clarified that it is currently going through the matter and will let us know once the issue is resolved. According to the company, the firm's developer tools, and e-mail systems have completely failed. Although, the firm has not revealed any further details regarding the cyber attack.

The incident came into the light when the company's systems suddenly stopped working for two days. Recently, Nvidia revealed that the attacker breached employee credentials and Nvidia proprietary details.