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Best Power Supply Units under your Budget for PC

Are you looking for a inexpensive PSU for your PC then you are at right place, here I'll show you some good PSU's which are available at cheap price.

What is a Power Supply Unit?

No computer processor can work on AC current supply, a processor needs DC current supply to run the computer and this requirement is fulfilled by the power supply unit. The power supply unit converts AC current into DC current. No matter how good quality CPU, GPU, or other equipment you have purchased, if your PSU is not of good quality then you will not be able to run your PC properly, so be careful while buying a power supply unit. 

                              Image Courtesy: Lifewire

Whenever we decide to build a budget PC, then the biggest problem that we face is to buy power supply equipment in the budget because most of these types of equipment are quite expensive. However, to solve this problem of yours, today I will present to you the best power supply equipment, which you can buy within your budget, so let's move forward.

Circle 450 Watt Power Supply Unit:

If you want to build a PC on a low budget and are looking for a good power supply unit then you can buy a 450-watt power supply unit from Circle, this power supply unit starting from Rs.1000 will give you 3 years warranty. Often people who build personal PCs use this unit to save expenses. Getting such a power supply unit for such a low price is a big deal in itself.

Artis 500 Watt Power Supply Unit:

With this power unit that comes with a three-year warranty, you also get the support of 500 watts as well as a 120 mm fan which helps in keeping the unit cool. If we talk about the price, then for your information, let me tell you that you will get this power supply unit on Amazon for ₹ 1,999.

Ant Esport VS 600 Watt Power Supply Unit:

This 600-watt power supply unit comes with a 120 mm fan which helps in smooth airflow and also produces less heat due to which the unit does not overheat. If you are a gamer and want to develop a gaming PC then this power supply unit is best for you. Talking about the price, you will get this power supply unit for ₹ 1,649.

Silverstone 550 Watt Power Supply Unit:

Silverstone Power supply unit can be easily fit into any small size PC as it is compact. Besides this, the PSU also helps in better airflow. Hence, if you are looking for a PSU with the best warranty offer then you must purchase this unit as it offers a 5 years warranty. Talking about price this amazing Power supply unit can be purchased for 3,191.


So if you also want to make a great PC on a low budget and are looking for a cheap and good power supply unit, then you should buy one of these PSUs without delay.