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Ads for podcasts will be getting more engaging thanks to Spotify

Spotify introduced a new feature called "CTA Card" to help advertisers getting more engagement.

Podcasts and advertisers have a very close relationship. Podcasts are the preferred platform for advertisers. Squarespace, Meundy's, and Casper are some of the popular companies whose advertisements can be regularly seen in the middle of podcast shows. Some reports suggest that Spotify is considering rolling out a call-to-action (CTA) card feature on its platform.

                                Image Courtesy: PC Mag

According to a Spotify spokesperson, the CTA card will start showing as soon as podcast ads are turned on. Which will allow users to easily check the brand or product.


Why is a CTA card important for advertisers?

Without a CTA card, if you see an advertisement on any podcast, you will not be able to get much information about that brand, as a result, you will ignore that advertisement which is often the case. Because of this, advertisers who spend a lot of money in promoting their brand have to face a lot of loss, keeping this loss in view, Spotify has decided to roll out this new feature.


Currently, the CTA card feature has been rolled out for selected Spotify Originals and Exclusive podcast users in the US starting January 7. However, others may not be able to use this feature right now; they have to wait for a few days to get the feature. Spotify estimates that these new clickable ads will help advertisers to drive more website traffic than non-clickable podcast ads.