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Meta Barred Russian State Media To Place Advertisements On Facebook

Facebook took a major step to prevent Russian State Media from gaining profit.

The fight between Russia and Ukraine turned out to be a cyber space fight. Meta has stopped Russian state media from placing advertisements or getting rich on its platform anywhere in the globe. "We will also take action on other Russian state media," claimed Meta Platforms, the holding company of social media app Facebook.

                                Image source: getty image

Security policy head Nathaniel Gleicher noted, "Practice on these reforms has already underway and will proceed this week." "We've now made it impossible for Russian media to place advertisements or bring in revenue on our network anywhere in the world," he explained.

"We are actively watching the case in Ukraine and will keep communicating the efforts we are doing to immunise individuals on our platform," remarked Security Policy Chief Nathaniel Gleicher. Following its war on Ukraine, Russia has curtailed connectivity to Facebook and several media companies' Facebook handles. The Russian regulatory entity Roskomnadzor expressed a viewpoint claiming that the American firm is censoring the Russian media regulating entity and has disobeyed the Russian public's freedoms and liberties. Apart from Facebook, recently Google also banned Russia's two major YouTube channels including Sputnik and RT.