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New AI applications for customer service and sales by Microsoft

Microsoft launches new AI applications for customer service and sales

Like other major tech company, Microsoft is currently on a mission to bring machine learning to all of its applications. It’s no surprise then that it’s moreover bringing ‘AI’ to its highly profitable Dynamics 365 CRM products. A year ago, the visitor introduced its first Dynamics 365 AI solutions and today it’s expanding this portfolio with the launch of three new products: Dynamics 365 AI for Sales, Customer Service, and Market Insights.

Dynamics 365 AI for Sales, unsurprisingly, is meant to help sales teams get deeper insights into their prospects using sentiment analysis. That’s obviously among the most vital of machine learning applications these days, but AI for Sales moreover helps these salespeople understand what deportment they should take next and which prospects to prioritize. It’ll moreover help managers mentor their individual sellers on the department they should take.

Similarly, the Consumer Service app focuses on using natural language understanding to understand and predict consumer service problems and leverage virtual teachers to lower costs.

Finally, Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights does just what the name implies: it provides teams with data well-nigh social sentiment, but this, too, goes a bit deeper. “This allows organizations to harness the vast amounts of social sentiment, be worldly-wise to unriddle it, and then take whoopee on how to use these insights to increase trademark loyalty, as well as understand what newsworthy events will help provide variegated trademark affinities wideness an organization,” Taylor said. So the next time you see a visitor try to gin up some news, maybe it did so based on recommendations from Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights.