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A Poison-Detecting Watch

A Poison-Detecting Watch for Gas and Oil industry Workers, Hydrogen sulfide kills. Here's a watch that warns you if it's around.

If you work in the oil or gas industry, and you wear a harder hat for even allotment of the day, you’ve apparently heard of H2S. Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, flammable, and all-embracing alarming gas produced at petroleum refineries, tanneries, accustomed gas plants, and decay analysis facilities.

The first indication of the gas is usually a smell, agnate to rotten eggs. Even in low concentrations, it will abrade the eyes and throat, or could cause a headache and antithesis problems. Higher concentrations in areas after blast can beat anyone unconscious. Over 1,000 locations per million, assimilation is fatal. At sites accepted to aftermath H2S, advisers usually abrasion artificial boxes on their belong to ascertain the gas. But amid 2001 and 2010, the acknowledgment was still amenable for 60 artisan deaths.

Now, Swiss watch aggregation North Eagles has set that aforementioned basal sensor otherwise normal-looking timepiece. If the watch detects an assertive absorption of H2S, aloft the traces you’d acquisition in a lot of environments, it vibrates, blinks, and sounds a 96db alarm. If it’s affiliated to the worker’s phone, the active gets filed with geolocation information, so the aggregation can log the specific area and absorption of H2S and an acknowledgment aggregation can acquisition the wearer.

Here's to acquisitive added technology like this gets out to the workers who can be saved by it.