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Virtual Parties are on Amazon Prime! The most exciting feature.

Amazon Prime feature

Amazon is gifting a new feature to its Prime members. Now, you can enjoy your virtual parties with your friends and families on Amazon Prime.

Very soon this feature will be available in all the countries. According to them right now this feature is available only in the US. In the group you can accommodate only 100 viewers at a time, all the viewers are from prime-member of the US. Any person can take the initiative and send the link to their family members and their beloved friends. The party host has all the rights to set up the settings in the chatbox.

Inside the watch party feature, you can watch any of the video, amazon prime originals, and licensed shows. You can watch any of your favorite shows from an ample number of titles. Some movies and TV shows are paid as they are not available in the watch party streams.

The important thing is you need to pay any extra charge for the watch party. The only required thing is you need to be part of the amazon prime subscription. No additional charges still you can organize the virtual party. Up till now, it is only for desktop use. Amazon gives no confirmation that this feature will come up for phone users also.