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Cert-In warns users to update their Google Chrome browser with recently released Update

Update your Google Chrome browser to stay protected from hackers.

Cert-in, a central government organization, has issued an alert for people using the Google browser extensively in India. Cert In warns Google Chrome users to update their browser immediately. Cert In has termed the un-updated Google Chrome browser dangerous for users. After the alert of Cert In, Google has released a new update for its Chrome browser.

                                    Image Courtesy: how to geek

In this new update, you will get 37 types of fixes for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Currently, the update is available for all users, However, according to Prithvikumar Bommana of Google Chrome, the new update of Chrome browser will be made available to all users in the coming days. Security analysts have claimed to have discovered several vulnerabilities in the Google Chrome browser that allows hackers to fix arbitrary code in the system. However, 22 types of security fixes present in Google's latest update Chrome give users more privacy than before. Updating the Google Chrome browser is very easy.


Following are the steps to update google chrome on your device 

Step 1. First of all, Visit your Google Chrome browser and hit the 3 dots in the top right side corner.

Step 2. After that tap on the setting option after which the "about Chrome" option will appear on your device's screen. 

Step 3. Tap on the "About Chrome" option to head to the Google Chrome browser update. 

Step 4. Then, tap on the RELAUNCH option to update the Google Chrome browser update.