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Microsoft Officially Partners With Truffle On Blockchain

Microsoft has officially partnered with Truffle to bring Truffle blockchain tools for developer experience and DevOps to Microsoft Azure
Earlier, Microsoft and Truffle started their relationship in 2018, by co-authoring guidance for using Truffle for consortium DevOps and incorporating Truffle-based tooling in Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum.
Now, as both have officially partnered on Blockchain development, this collaboration will manifest not just in Visual Studio and Azure DevOps, but also upcoming tools from Truffle such as Truffle Teams.
Those working in Truffle environments will have access to Azure services. And, azure customers will gain access to the toolset provided by Truffle. Truffle provides a local, standalone blockchain node which is very lightweight, the company claims, and you can spin it up for local dev/test quickly.
Truffle Suite provides developers the ability to “fork” a blockchain so that developers can get a local copy of real network data to test against. And it allows developers to write tests using the popular Mocha framework. Developers can execute these tests locally or in Azure Pipelines by individual organizations or as a consortium as well.
Developers can do interactive testing through the console or a UI. This helps quickly validate or troubleshoot behavior, which is especially important for scenarios that span multiple smart contracts.
The company said that truffle gives you debugging experience comparable to .NET and Java development.