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Google made a major change to its search engine platform this year

Now you can keep scrolling continuously as Google has brought an 'Endless Scroll Layout' for mobile devices.

Google aims to make its search experience simple. That's why the company is constantly making small and big changes in the search interface. In this list, a new change has been included as recently Google has brought an 'Endless Scroll Layout' for mobile devices. Google rolled this change on October 14. This means that if you are searching on Google on mobile, then the option of the next page will not come at the bottom. This will help you to scroll endlessly. Currently, if the search result is not found on the first page, then you have to hit the next page. But after this modification, you can keep scrolling continuously.

Presently this feature is not available for other countries except America where it will work for English search. However, soon the company will make it available to other countries as well. According to Google, this will help make the search browsing experience simple. While doing a Google search on mobile, you will reach the bottom of the page, then the relevant information related to the search will be automatically loaded and you will be able to scroll continuously to get the results related to your search.