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Google announces a new update for Google Meet users

Google added a new update to its video conferencing app Google meet, read the news to know more about it.

What's special in this new update of Google meet? 

Google has recently introduced a new update in its app Google Meet. With the help of this update, the host can turn off the participant's microphone and camera during the meeting. Participants cannot turn on these functions once muted by the host. Google has taken this step due to the disruption arising during the meeting.

Image Courtesy: How to geek

When will the feature be available for all devices? 

However, at present, this feature can only be used by desktop users of Google Meet. But soon this feature will also be expected to be added for iOS and Android users. Under this feature, the microphone and camera feature of Google Meet will be locked by default. The host can simply switch it on during the meeting with the help of this feature.