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Microsoft is now focusing on making Windows 11 Extremely fast

Microsoft promises to improve the performance of Windows 11, know why.

Microsoft is trying to improve the performance of Windows 11. Windows customers have grumbled about a number of Microsoft updates over the years. However, Microsoft's latest announcement claimed to make the whole upgrade procedure simpler with Windows 11.

Windows 11 rollout is riddled with issues since its release. Many customers have also expressed their dissatisfaction with Windows 11 via different social media networks. On Reddit, users complained that menu and language bar elements were extremely slow as compared to Windows 10, and the File Explorer program had too many problems. 

Although, Microsoft hasn't provided any public fixes for the flaw yet, but it has stated that a cure is being tested in Windows Insider Preview releases. Microsoft is urging users who are experiencing troubles with Windows 11 to provide an honest response so that the company can strive to rectify the problems. The developer team commented, "You may aid us is by opening the Feedback Hub and sharing performance issues."

Significantly, Microsoft has had a hectic and fairly successful year in 2021. So far this year, the company's market worth has surpassed $2 trillion. After releasing the all-new Windows 11, Microsoft is now all set to release a new operating system for low-cost laptops. The operating system, dubbed Windows 11 SE is expected to compete directly with Google Chrome OS. According to the Microsoft Windows developer team, "their performance in 2022 will be a primary emphasis area". Microsoft further added, "Enhancing Windows performance is our primary concern."