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Instagram is rewarding content creators with $10k for publishing reels

Instagram is giving bonus to the content creators for posting reels. To know more read the article below.

Why is Instagram offering a bonus? 

Meta-owned company Instagram has pledged to give $10,000 to content creators for posting videos on reels. This bonus is being given under the Instagram Bonus scheme. However, for your information, let me tell you that the information about the rules of this program has not been shared by Instagram yet.

In today's time, every smartphone or iPhone will have Instagram installed. It is placed at 2nd position after Facebook. Instagram is at the top of the social media apps used in India. Keeping this in mind, to attract more content creators the photo-sharing platform Instagram has decided to give a significant amount of bonus to the creators who upload videos in the reels. 

As per the report, a creator with over 50k followers earned $1,000 in a month, while some content creators with more than that had received only $600. Although $800 was offered to the creators by Instagram. However, according to the company, currently, only a few content creators in the US can use the bonus feature, but in the future, this feature will be extended to more users and no content creator will have to face bonus-related problems.