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In this article, we will learn the uses of Azure Blob Storage and how to use blob storage in ASP.NET Project. Firstly, create an ASP.NET project in Visual Studio
In this article, we will learn about Azure SDK and Storage Account in Azure, how to store images in Blob storage to Azure
In this article, we will learn Virtual Machine step by step.
A domain name is a URL which is responsible to access websites. The domain name identifies IP address. Domain name is an identification string which defines a scope of administrative autonomy, control within the Internet. Any domain name locates Internet address for an URL at points to the Internet and particular host server named.
In this article, we will learn how to upload a website to the Microsoft Azure via FileZilla (FTP). FileZilla is a cross-platform FTP application which is totally free software.
This is a new article for users who want to learn Microsoft Azure from scratch
In this Article, we'll see what is Microsoft Azure and what are the services offered by Azure.
In order to run the Azure, we know the web azure portal where we can modify and manage resources as and when needed. But to manage resources on regular basis, logging into the Portal each time is a hectic job. So automation can solve maximum problems for us. For the automation, we write scripts that keep running in order to ensure the valid logic gets executed.