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Jan 06, 2020 Azure, Microsoft Azure, 1972 Views
This article aims at the introduction of Microsoft Azure SQL Database Edge Preview

Microsoft Azure SQL Database Edge Preview

Azure SQL Database Edge Preview can be categorized as an optimized relational database engine geared for IoT and IoT Edge deployments, providing capabilities to create a high-performance storage and processing layer for IoT applications and solutions. Azure SQL Database Edge provides capabilities to stream, process, and analyze relational and non - relational such as JSON, graph and time-series data, which makes it the right choice for a variety of modern IoT applications and usage. Provides industry-leading performance, security, and query processing capabilities.

Deployment Models and Editions

The Microsoft Azure SQL Database Edge is available on the Azure Marketplace and can be deployed as a module for Azure IoT Edge




Plan Description
Developer Only SKU Development, with the same throttling as imposed by Standard SKU
Standard The standard plan supports up to 4 CPU's and up to 32 GB memory for this class
Premium Supports 8 cores and up to 64GB of memory for the SQL Database Edge Container



Microsoft Azure SQL Database Edge provides built-in streaming capabilities for real-time analytics and complex event processing. The streaming capability is built using the same construct as ASA i.e, Azure Stream Analytics and provides similar capabilities as Azure Stream Analytics on the IoT Edge