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Build robust Blazor WebAssembly apps! Learn client-side/server-side security best practices, authorization, and data protection to keep your app safe.
Streamline user management in your ASP.NET application. Implement secure logins, roles, and permissions with ASP.NET Identity for a robust authentication system.
Unleash secure & scalable remote work with Azure Virtual Desktops! Empower your workforce & embrace the future of work. #remotework #AzureVDI #cloudworkplace
Email has become an indispensable part of our daily communication, both for individuals and organizations. However, this widespread use of email also brings along various security challenges. Malicious actors exploit email vulnerabilities to carry out phishing attacks, impersonation attempts, and email fraud.
here in this article, we are going to tell you Is it possible to turn off the security camera while at home? 
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In this article, you will be aware of the security testing tool along with their features
A virtual private network allows a user to circumvent internet region inspections and censorship in order to reach prohibitive content. That is why the technology is so widely used around the world. However, some VPN users are concerned about whether their data can be tracked or hacked even after they use a VPN. Today, I'll shed some light on a few points that will help you understand the concept of VPN.
Here, you'll discover some fantastic IoT devices that will help you to make your home a smart home.
Here you'll find the best ways to detect malicious URLs in the mails in order to avoid being a victim of cyber attack.
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Azure WebApp/API's extended security enablement by disabling X-frame headers
In This Article, we'll discuss Blockchain Technology is changing the Security Aspect in the Banking Sector