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Create Logic App on Azure and trigger it to Twitter.

Sep 22, 2019 Logic App, Azure, Trigger, Twitter, 3517 Views
In This Article, we'll Create Logic App on Azure and trigger it to Twitter

In This Article, we'll Create Logic App on Azure and trigger it to Twitter., So you just need to follow the Following Steps along with me and I hope you'll be able to do the same. First, you need to understand what is azure and it services if you new to Microsoft Azure, so follow this Article: What is Azure

What is Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps is a cloud administration that encourages you to plan, mechanize, and arrange assignments, business procedures, and work processes when you have to coordinate applications, information, frameworks, and administrations crosswise over ventures or associations. Rationale Apps disentangles how you plan and construct versatile answers for application combination, information coordination, framework joining, undertaking application incorporation (EAI), and business-to-business (B2B) correspondence, regardless of whether in the cloud, on-premises, or both.

For instance, here are only a couple of remaining tasks at hand you can computerize with rationale applications:

  • Procedure and course arrange crosswise over on-premises frameworks and cloud administrations.
  • Send email warnings with Office 365 when occasions occur in different frameworks, applications, and administrations.
  • Move transferred records from an SFTP or FTP server to Azure Storage.
  • Screen tweets for a particular subject, investigate the assumption and make cautions or assignments for things that need a survey.

To assemble undertaking joining arrangements with Azure Logic Apps, you can look over a developing display with several prepared to-utilize connectors, which incorporate administrations, for example, Azure Service Bus, Functions, and Storage; SQL, Office 365, Dynamics, Salesforce, BizTalk, SAP, Oracle DB, record offers, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Connectors give triggers, activities, or both for making rationale applications that safely access and procedure information continuously.

Step 1: Click on the New blade > Enterprise Integration > Logic App.

Step 2: Enter a unique name for your Logic App and check Pin to Dashboard if you want to pin your application to the dashboard and click on Create button and wait for the deployment.



Step 3: Now, Logic App Designer will open up, here you will create a trigger for your app to act on. Click on Twitter.



Step 4: Select the trigger, When a new tweet is placed.



Step 5: Now, on Twitter trigger pan you need to click on Sign in, and then provide your Twitter account credentials and click on Authorize app.


Step 6: Now, Enter the Search Text for which you want a response, then set the Interval to check it and set the Frequency of interval and then Click on New step.



Step 7: Now an action selector will open up, Search for Gmail in the search box and Select Gmail – Send Mail option.


Step 8: Now Sign in into Gmail and allow azure logic app and then Structure the mail you want to send i.e. to whom you want to send and set the content for it, and click on Run.

Step 9: Your Logic app is now running; you can check it by tweeting the Search text on twitter.

Step 10: You will get a mail from each person who tweets the search keyword.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms