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SAS is a cloud-based application server designed to simplify application deployment and management. Its user-friendly interface abstracts the complexities of traditional server setups, allowing users to focus on core development tasks and accelerate their development lifecycles.
Take your Blazor WebAssembly apps offline! This article explores Blazor's offline capabilities with code examples & highlights its value. #Blazor #WebAssembly #OfflineDev
Build robust Blazor WebAssembly apps! Learn client-side/server-side security best practices, authorization, and data protection to keep your app safe.
Can Blazor & WebAssembly handle enterprise needs? Explore pros, cons, & code examples to see if it's ready for large-scale deployments.
Ditch JavaScript for web UIs! Blazor lets .NET devs build interactive experiences with C# and Razor. Learn why Blazor is a game-changer.
Boost your ASP.NET Core app's speed with profiling, async programming, caching & database optimization. Master the art of a blazing-fast web app!
Unsure if SSR or Blazor fits your project? This guide dives into their strengths & weaknesses to help you decide! #webdev #blazor #ssr
If you are trying to create a .NET application with the data from PostgreSQL? This is the right article for you. In this article, we’ll create a .NET core Windows Forms application with ADO.NET and the PostgreSQL data provider.
In This Article, we'll discuss What is Application and Desktop Virtualization in VMware Virtualization Concepts
In this article, you will learn the following: Types of Mobile Applications Appium working in Android Appium working in iOS
In this article, you will learn about the Mobincude mobile application development tool along with its features. 
In this article, you will learn about the Xamarin tool and its features.
In this article, you will learn about the Alpha anywhere mobile application tool along with its features. 
If you belong to Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa, and Manipur then you must install two major apps on your phone during the upcoming election.
In this article, you can get to know about the applications that will help you track your Smartphone easily.
Annoyed seeing multiple apps on Android? Boost your storage capacity by following a few easy ways.
Have you recently purchased a new Amazon Fire tablet? and are looking for a simple method to install applications in the tab then you've come to the right place as here you'll get detailed steps to install applications on your device via Google Play Store.
Today, in this article I'll discuss about the method through which you can operate multiple applications at once.
In this post, you'll learn What’s new in Windows Forms in .NET 6 and Application-wide default font for Win Form.
In this blog, we will create a c# program that prints a list of all files from a particular directory with the file name and file size.
In this article I’ll show you how you can upload your local Angular application or samples on Azure Web Service.I have divided this post into three sections as below:1. Creating a local Angular application2. Creating Azure Web Service.3. Deployed Angular Application in Azure.
This article is about the methods that can be used to apply own or another's library function to pandas object.
In this article, we will see how to store data and read the data from Sessions in Blazor.
In this article, we’ll learn how to send email through a windows form application in C#. This feature could be advantageous while developing real time applications or projects.
In This Article, we'll learn about how to get started with VueJs Environment and some with some of its examples.
In This Article, we'll discuss How to Install MongoDB in your host web application VM
In This Article, we'll discuss How to Create a VM to host your web application
In This Article, we'll learn about what is AWS WAF or Web Application Firewall, its benefits, features, and a glimpse at how it works
In this article, we will learn about how we can send an email in ASP.NET Core
this demonstrates how we create a GUI and open websites by launching the browser.
This article demonstrates how we can create a GUI and encode the "covid" related information in visual object.
In this article, we’ll see how we can make an application for storing images in that particular application using Ado.net.
In this article, we will study about the SQL injection attack and how it can be prevented in Ado.net application. This will help a database administrator to prevent his data from getting lost.
Today I will explain you, how you can setup MVC Core 3.1 Application in visual studio 2019. We will understand it from scratch.
in this article we will learn about connection string. we will learn how they enable data connectivity between database and application.
In this article, we'll learn about How Hooks use in the React Application
In this article, we'll learn how we use the React-Redux library in React Application
In this article, we will learn about How to Create the application in the React
In the previous article, we learnt how to develop a web browser in C# but that was based on Internet Explorer. It posed many problems while loading certain web pages due to incompatibility .But in this article we’ll learn to develop the Chromium based web browser in C#.
In this article we’ll learn to develop a web browser in C# using Windows Form Application. But before we start, we need to have a brief idea about the Web Browser control in C#.
Most of us are familiar with Console based Applications in C# but in this article we’ll go through the Windows Application developed in C#. Windows Applications allows us to develop GUI based Applications.
In This Article, we'll discuss Blockchain Technology is changing the Security Aspect in the Banking Sector
In this article, we’ll learn, how to debug an Angular application in Google chrome browser with custom breakpoints
In this article, you will learn what is App Service, how to create it from Azure Portal and create a dot net core web application using visual studio 2019 and publish it into App Service.
Next part of Article - How to write requirement document for new software idea.
Here in this Article, will learn How To Get The Client IP Address in Angular Application?
in this article you can learn about flash memory
In this article, we will explore the Microsoft Azure Application Gateway and its major services. Before we look into what is Microsoft Azure cloud Application Gateway.
In this Article you'll see how to use Kendo in Your Angular 5 App
In this Article, we'll learn how to host an ASP.Net MVC 5.0 application to Localhost or IIS
in this Article we'll learn how to create ASP.Net MVC 5.0 Application from scratch.
Here I will explain I will explain How to create sales invoice/receipt using crystal report in c# windows application with stored procedure
Here I will explain How to insert data in database using Angularjs in Asp.net MVC application. We create registration form and then insert their value in database table.