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Track your lost Smartphone using these applications

In this article, you can get to know about the applications that will help you track your Smartphone easily.

How to trace a lost Smartphone? 

In today's time, the phone has become an integral part of our life. Whether it is to talk to your friends or family members or to make a business-related call, the phone plays an important role. That's why everyone loves their phone, whether it is expensive or cheap. Apart from this, we have a lot of important data on the phone, which we do not want to show to anyone else. In such a situation, if our mobile phone is in the hands of a stranger, then it can be a matter of concern. However, in today's technology era, there are many ways available with the help of which we can find our lost phone. In this article, I will introduce you to some similar apps through which you can easily track your lost phone, so let's read further.


The easiest way to find any lost phone is through the IMEI number of the phone. You can find out the IMEI number of your phone by dialing *#06# number from your smartphone. With the help of this number, you can easily track your mobile phone if you ever lost your mobile in the future. Apart from this, if you are unable to get the IMEI number by dialing this code, you can open the back panel of your handset and note down the IMEI number written behind the battery.

Avast mobile security. 

Although this mobile security app protects your phone from viruses and from time to time informs you about files and apps containing viruses, apart from this, you can use this app to find your stolen phone too. You can install this app on your phone right now so that whenever your phone is lost, you can simply track the current location of that phone.

Mobile Chase Location Tracker. 

If someone has installed another SIM in your phone, then the Mobile Chase application will inform you about this, as well as help you to know the exact location of the phone through GPS connectivity, and will send the location ID to your phone.

Thief Tracker. 

With the help of the Thief Tracker application, you can get complete information about the person who stole the phone, as well as it will keep your mobile phone safe from thieves even after it is stolen, it will lock your phone so that the thief who steals your phone will not be able to access it. Apart from this, after your phone is stolen, this app will automatically send a photo of the current location by the camera to your mail, so that you will be able to know the current location of your phone.

Anti-theft alarm. 

As the name suggests, this is an anti-theft alarm that starts ringing when someone touches your phone. However, to activate this feature on your phone, you have to install this app on your phone.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms