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Alibaba Cloud stands out as a leading cloud service provider, offering a compelling array of advantages that cater to the diverse needs of businesses in today's digital economy. With its global infrastructure, scalability, comprehensive service portfolio, reliability, security, cost-effectiveness, innovation, and support, Alibaba Cloud empowers businesses to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth in a rapidly evolving landscape. As businesses continue to embrace the cloud as a cornerstone of their IT strategy, Alibaba Cloud remains a trusted partner and enabler of success in the journey towards digital excellence.
It empowers Alibaba Group developers to efficiently, concisely, and uniformly employ AI technologies. Officially launched in 2018, PAI has garnered tens of thousands of enterprises and individual developers, emerging as a premier machine learning platform on the cloud in China.
Services in Alibaba Cloud | AI | BigData | Solutions | Migration | Security | DataBase | Storage and many more
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The company has a wide range of cloud computing products and services that are divided into 7 categories of Elastic Computing and Networking, Security and Management, Database, Application Services, Domains and website, Storage and CDN and Analytics.