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Why Alibaba Cloud Services

Sep 16, 2019 Alibaba, Cloud, , 2423 Views
Here we will learn about Alibaba Cloud Services

Why Alibaba Cloud Services? 

Alibaba Cloud is a Cloud computing company also known as Aliyun. It is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. It provides cloud computing services to Alibaba’s own e-commerce ecosystem and online businesses. Alibaba Cloud offers services like Data Storage, Elastic Compute, Relational Databases, Big-Data Processing, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), and Anti-DDoS protection. Its services available on a pre-pay basis.

Reasons to choose Alibaba Cloud Services

Alibaba Cloud’s New Data Centers across the Globe

There are more than 26 data centers worldwide and in more than 15 regions and growing. Alibaba Cloud now operates in several new locations like Japan, Dubai, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Wide Range of Services and Products

Alibaba now has more than 100 cloud services including Storage, Networking, Security, Databases, Middleware and more. Alibaba Cloud offers elastic computing, high-performance in the cloud. It also offers services in virtual reality, IoT, smart homes, and information systems.

Cloud for All Business

Small business looks for easy to use and integrate minimal upfront cost, and flexible payment models whereas large enterprises look for multi-availability zones, a suite of security and anti-fraud services. Alibaba Cloud offers all these services to the business.

Record-Breaking Performance

Alibaba Cloud has broken many records in anti-DDos protection, data sorting technology, and processing of transactions per second. As a product Owner or Architect everyone will look for High Security, Highly Reliable, High performance. Alibaba offers all these services and too at very low cost.

Best in Class Support from Experts and Community

Alibaba Cloud can handle any workload. Alibaba also offers 24/7 tech support, Best Community Support, enterprise-grade SLAs on services, and service health monitoring. It also supports a number of languages to help the regions of their data centers.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms