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DataV AlibabaCloud Service

This article aims at Data Visualization service provided by Alibaba Cloud

Data V | AlibabaCloud Service


Alibaba cloud service provides a huge range of consumer satisfaction solutions such that they can serve the organization better and produce productivity at the same time. One such service is DataV.

Now Data V is a service provided by AlibabaCloud that gets a user to analyze and present large and complex datasets as visual dashboards, aims in bringing the experience of data visualization to wier audience and helps less experienced engineers to build professional visual applications through an intuitive graphical interface.

DataV can be used in a variety of industries as retail, transportation, logistics, water conservation environment protection.

Features of DataV

  • Use a wide variety of Chart and widget
  • Build professional graphic - oriented solutions
  • Flexible to deploy on any platform
  • Build interactive geographical visualization in a few simple steps
  • Use high-performance 3D rendering engines
  • Connect and display from and to different sources at the same 

Benefits of DataV

  • Various Templates
  • Various data sources
  • User-Friendly interface
  • Multiple Scale of resolution






A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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