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Top 15 Python Interview Questions | Python

Python Interview Questions | Top 15 Python Interview Questions

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Python Interview Questions and Answer

Q1. What is the difference between modules and packages in Python?

Answer: There are many differences between Modules and Packages and some of them are listed below:

Modules Packages
  • Each Python program is known as a module, which has objects and attributes.
  • It may be defined as a file that is imported and used for its specific functionality.
  • A package is a collection of modules.
  • The package may be defined as the collection of modules in directories.

Q2. Which command is used to delete a file in Python?

Answer: The commands that are used to delete files in Python are:

  • os.remove(file_name)
  • os.unlink(file_name)

Q3. The most common way to work for Flask Script?

Answer: The most common way is:

  1. It should be on your import path 
  2. It should be a path to a Python file.

Q4. Define Generators in Python.

Answer: Generators in Python can be defined as the process of implementing iterators.

Q5.What is lambda in Python Program?

Answer: Lambda in Python Program can be defined as a function used as an inline function in the program for a specific and desired output.

Q6. How to create a thread in Python Program?

Answer: Using the below code in python, we can create a thread.


Q7. Name the commands to copy an object in Python.

Answer: We have two options to copy the objects in python, listed below:

  • copy.copy()
  • copy.deepcopy()

Q8. Define pep 8.

Answer: Pep stands for Python Enhancement Proposal, specifies how to format Py code for max readability.

Q9. Define Python Packages.

Answer: Python packages can be defined as namespaces containing modules.

Q10. Can we implement multiple inheritances in Python?

Answer: Yes, we can implement multiple inheritances in Python.

Q11. What is the Pass keyword in Python?

Answer: The pass keyword represents a void / null operation in the Python Programming language.

Q12. Discuss in short the differences between Lists and Tuples.

Answer: There are lot's of differences between List and Tuples in Python, here are some of them listed below:

Lists Vs Tuples in Python

1 Lists are mutable Tuples are immutable
2 The implication of iterations is Time-consuming The implication of iterations is comparatively Faster
3 The list is better for performing operations, such as insertion and deletion. Tuple data type is appropriate for accessing the elements
4 Lists consume more memory Tuple consume less memory as compared to the list
5 Lists have several built-in methods Tuple does not have many built-in methods.
6 The unexpected changes and errors are more likely to occur In tuple, it is hard to take place.

Q13. Code to remove the last object from a list.

Answer: The below code can help us to remove the last added object from a python list:


Q14. How can you comment on code in Python?

Answer: The ‘#’ sign is used to comment. 

# this is a comment

Q15. Discuss the differences between / and // 

Answer: The / defines precised division and // defines floor division.

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