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Driver Drowsiness Detection in Python

Jul 19, 2021 Python, python FAQ, Open CV, 1906 Views
In this post, you'll see, Driver Drowsiness Detection in Python

An excellent Data Science project idea for intermediate levels is the ‘Keras & OpenCV Drowsiness Detection System’. Driving overnight is not only tough but a risky job too. we've heard of plenty of cases where accidents happen because the driver fell asleep while driving.

Thus, this project can help prevent numerous road accidents that happen because of such cases. This project’s main aim is to acknowledge whenever the driver may get drowsy & go to sleep while driving. This project uses Python language where you'll build a model which will timely detect the sleepy driver behaviour and raises an alert alarm through a high beeping alarm.

In this project, you'll implement a ‘deep learning model’ & with its use, you'll do a classification among images where a person's eye is open or close. Not just this, during this model another formula line is to calculate the score.

This score is predicated on the period of time of how long the eyes remain closed. The score is maintained throughout the driving session. If that score increases & crosses a specified threshold, this model will throw workflow automation through which the alarm will start buzzing heavily.

‘OpenCV’ is employed to detect face & eye movements. Whereas, ‘Keras’, are used to classify the eye’s state whether it is open or close while using techniques of the Deep neural network.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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