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In this article, you will know on many different devices or machines you can install F# programming Language.
If you're planning to sell your iPhone or Android device and aren't sure how to permanently remove your data, read the entire article.
Here in this article, we are going to show you all the steps for How to view Spotify stats on an Android device?
In this article, you will learn the following: What is AWS Device Farm? Features of the AWS Device Farm
If you're also tired of reading facebook posts or messages in high light then do follow the steps below to enable Dark Mode feature in your Android or iPhone device.
If you're searching for ways to get back your accidentally deleted photos on your iPhone or Android devices then do read the complete article.
Want to download videos from Twitter but don't know how? Don't worry here you'll get the easiest way to download the videos from your Twitter account on your android or iOS devices.
Simply Shoot and upload your videos to your YouTube account using your Android or iPhone device using this easiest method.
Here, you'll discover some fantastic IoT devices that will help you to make your home a smart home.
Running two WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile device is not possible, although if you're willing to do it then today I'll give you a few tricks that will help you run two WhatsApp accounts on one phone.
Here in this article you'll learn how to minimize notifications on Android.
Are you annoyed by receiving unwanted fake calls on your phone then you do not need to be worried now as here you'll get an easy method to simply block the bogus calls on your Android device.
Do you feel annoyed receiving unwanted pop-up notifications on your device? No worry as today I will talk about a few methods that help you in blocking pop-up notifications.
Today, in this article I'll discuss about the method through which you can operate multiple applications at once.
Want to know the weather condition of a particular location? if yes then do read this article.
brief information about input devices
In this article, we'll learn about virtual memory.