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How to Run Python using IDLE IDE

How to run Python using default IDE of Python which is IDLE

In this article, we will learn how to run python using default Python IDE which is called python shell.                  It is the continuation of my previous article How to Install Python? Before reading this article goes through my previous article then read this article.

What is Python?

How to Install Python?

Now I do not waste your precious time so please come on the point, that how to run python using it’s default IDE python Shell.

Go to windows search=> IDE double-click on this.


Click on it Python Shell will open like.

Now click on File Menu and click New File dialog will open like. 

Now I want to print the simple message here, so write a print command for display the message.

Go inside the file type:

print ("Welcome Python")


Now save this file anywhere you want with any name with the .py extension because the extension of python is .py. After saving this.

To show the output

Click on run and select Run Module or press F5 to run this file.

Show the output line.

Python supports many IDEs they are given below.

  • IDLE
  • Eclipse
  • PyCharm
  • Sublime
  • Spyder
  • Wing IDE
  • PyScripter
  • PyDev
  • Jupiter Notebook
  • VS Code

In the next article, we will learn how to configure VS Code with python.

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