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3 Quick Techniques to Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook Archive

Nov 03, 2018 MS Outlook, 9229 Views
Remove and delete duplicate emails from Microsoft Outlook PST manually. Know the manual & automated ways to eliminate Outlook archive duplicated items instantly.

Outlook is one such desktop-based email application being used by many Windows as well as Mac users. Outlook provides different folders to store and manage bulk emails, contacts, tasks etc. However, sometimes users might face multiple issues such as system crashes, slows down performance or even leads to corruption because of duplicate PST files. This will also affect the performance of the Outlook and becomes quite irritating to work with duplicate emails. So, what should we do to overcome these constraints? Therefore, in this post, we will discuss how these duplicate emails are generated how to remove duplicate emails from Outlook archive manually.




Why to Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook Archive?

There are many reasons due to which, duplicate copies of emails may occur in Microsoft Outlook. Here are some of the factors that compel us to remove duplicate emails from Outlook PST file. Let’s see what are they:

  1. Due to multiple copies of the email, several companies send the same messages, blogs, newsletters, etc., consistently for gaining a user attention.
  2. When the synchronization process continues through a phone or laptop, then many times the process needs to be done as a result of duplication.
  3. In many cases, the option to leave a message is active, which results in undesirable duplicate emails on the mailbox.
  4. A corrupt or damaged message on a server creates a duplicate copy of emails during send/receive.
  5. Wrong account setup, improperly merged multiple files that may result in duplication.

Workarounds to Remove Outlook Duplicates

To minimize efforts in deleting the emails one by one thus, users can switch to these tricks to keep their Outlook up-to-date. Below are the techniques user can use to overcome duplicate of emails:

3 Manual Tips to Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook 2016

Solution 1: Changing Account Settings

While configuring same account more than once, Outlook creates duplicate PST files. Therefore, users can use below steps to remove this issue:

  • Open MS Outlook from the installed location
  • Now, go to File option and click on Info button and select Account Settings
  • In the Account Setting Wizard, search the configured account from the Mail tab
  • Check, if the same account is being configured multiple times. If it so, then delete the extra account by selecting the mail account and hit on remove option.
  • Finally, click on close button if the duplicate account is removed from MS Outlook

Solution 2: Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook 2013 with Import or Export Option

As per earlier discussion, during import/export, Outlook creates loops of email. So, to overcome those constraints one should follow these steps:

  • Open MS Outlook on your machine
  • Now, go to File menu and select Open from the list and click on Import option
  • Select the option “Import from another program or file” and press next
  • After that, choose the PST file and click Next button
  • Search for a particular file to import and enable this option “do not import duplicates
  • In this step, select the Outlook data files to export with the folder where you want to migrate and click Finish
  • Now, you can view the applied changes in your Outlook to remove duplicates

Solution 3: Using Clean Up Tool of Outlook

This inbuilt tool is used to remove duplicate copies of emails from MS Outlook. The following steps will help a user to eliminate this Duplicacy using Clean Up tool:

  • Open Outlook application on your PC
  • Now, click on Clean-up option to expand every option
  • In the Clean-up checklist, choose the appropriate option, i.e., clean-up folder, clean-up conversation, and clean-up folder and subfolders.
  • Next, to provide the desired location manually by choosing the Settings button.
  • Once Outlook Window is displayed, click on the Browse button and provide the specific location of PST file.
  • After choosing the folder, click on Clean Up Folder button to start the process of deletion.

Follow the all above manual methods and easily remove duplicate emails from Outlook PST file.

What to Do If Manual Methods Are Not Helping?

There are certain scenarios where manual methods are not enough to delete the duplicate items from your MS Outlook mailbox. For instance, if you have duplicates in bulk, say 10k emails, then manual methods won’t be able to remove them all quickly. You are going to need a third party tool like SysTools Outlook Duplicate Email Remover tool.

Why to opt for this software is, because it is reliable, quick and deletes duplicate items in bulk. The software can remove duplicates from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 etc. Also, no data is lost while removing the duplicates with Outlook duplicate items remover tool.

To Sum Up

Duplicate emails create a lot of trouble to people while they are working on Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, in this post, we have discussed several reasons to remove duplicate emails from Outlook archive. Also, we have covered different techniques by which users can remove same emails without putting much effort. These measures are most relevant and efficient, on which one can easily rely.

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