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How To Use Sequences In SQL


In this article, you will learn, what Sequences are and how to use Sequences in SQL.


SQL Sequence is a series of numerical. These sequences depend on a number of data in the tables because every row in a table holds a unique value and show data in the simplest way. These values are finding in an ascending or descending order at a fixed time.


Applications handle the relationship between sequences and tables. So the application shows a sequence to save its next value.



The basic syntax for creating a Sequence table is as follows:

create sequence Sequence_name

start with value1

increment by value1

cycle/ nocycle;




Step 1: Here, first we will create the table for Sequence.


Create sequence seq_1

start with 1

increment by 1





Step 2: Then Insert data in this table.


INSERT into se value (1,'ayushi');

INSERT into se value (2,'shipra');

INSERT into se value (3,'vishu');

INSERT into se value (4,'avi');




Now select and execute the query.


Step 3: And the output is.




Thus, we learned that sequence depends on a number of data, it is a series of numbers.