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What is the difference between Administration and Management ?

Difference between Administration and Management

Difference between Administration and Management

What is Administration?

The administration is a systematic method of administering the management of a business organisation, like collage, government office or any non-commercial organization. Administration deals with the proficient organization executives, resources, and departmental heads to pursue the targeted objectives of a particular company. The main province of administration is the formation of plans, policies, and procedures, setting up of goals and objectives, implementing rules and laws, etc. The success of any organization effectively depends on the performance of the administration team. A strong administration team is sort of a backbone to an organization to pursue the maximum organizational objectives.

What is Management?

Management defines the affairs to administer and to regulate the business proceedings and various actives of any organization under the various circumstances.  A decent management team is a principal reason for an organization to become successful. Management ensures a proper working environment of a organisation, where the office executives and employee work efficiently and effectively to achieve their business goals with the proper planning, resources, internal motivational arrangement, and financial facilities.

Difference between administration and management

1)Management is a process of managing people and things within the organization in a systematic manner. Whereas administration associate degree of administering the whole organization by a group of people.

2) Management is done by both middle and lower level whereas Administration is a high-level activity.

3)Management focuses on policy implementation whereas policy formulation is performed by the administration.

4)Management make executive decisions whereas administration make crucial decisions of the organization.

5) Functions of administration include legislation and determination. Whereas functions of management are executive and governing.

6) Administration takes all the necessary decisions of the organization whereas management makes all the decisions under administration.

7) A group of peoples, who are employees of the organization, is known as management whereas administration represents the owners of the organization.

8) Management are often seen in the profit making organization like business enterprises/business organization whereas the administration is found in government and military offices, clubs, hospitals, religious organizations and all the non-profit making enterprises.

9) Management is all about planning the course of actions for the organisation whereas the administration is concerned with framing policies and setting objectives.

10) Management focuses on managing people and their work whereas administration focuses on making the best possible utilization of the organization’s resources.

11) Management represents employees whereas administration represent the owners of the organization.

12) The management refers to different organizational needs by proper planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling whereas the Administration of a company holds the overall management initiation to achieve the top-ranked facilities for a particular organization.


Comparison Chart: Management Vs Administration

Basic Terms




It is the skill of organizing people, resources and getting work done

It is the process of setting up objectives and crucial policies


Both middle and lower level

Strictly upper level

Core function

Policy implementation

Policy formulation




Area of Operation

Work under administration

Fully control over activities

Key Person




Governing and executive

Legislative and determinative

Main Focus

Managing work

Making policies and assembling resources


Profit-making organizations

Government offices, business enterprises, military, religious, hospitals, clubs, and educational organizations.

Decides on

Who will do the work? And How will it be done?

What should be done? And when should it be done?


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