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What is Python IDLE

Jun 24, 2020 #Python#PythonIDLE, 5990 Views
Working of IDLE

WHAT IS Python idle?

IDLE stands for Integrated development and learning environment. IDLE provides an integrated environment for a python. When you install a python in your desktop IDLE is installed by default. It works the same in all platforms like Linux, Windows, and macOS.  In the Linux operating system, IDLE is installed by default with python. That means you need to install it using the package manager.

$ sudo apt-get install idle

The feature of IDLE are:

  • It is coded purely in python, using the tinker Graphical User Interface (GUI) toolkit.
  • It is cross-platform. It works smoothly and almost similarly on the operating systems.
  • It has a Python shell window in which you can write code, you get an error message and output also.
  • A multi-window editor is also available in IDLE.

The following steps you need to follow to execute your code in IDLE.

  • To start an IDLE, simply write in the start menu bar and you will get IDLE.
  • This is a python shell window. In this, you can write python code and execute it.



  • You can enter in the Window editor, by clicking on New File.

  • You can write your python code in the window editor.

  • Run the code 

  • It will show you some message


  • Before, run the code you need to save the code. You can save your code wherever you want either on the desktop or any other folder. I saved my code file with a test.py name. It is important to put the .py extension.

  • Now, our code will execute.

You can run your code easily with the help of IDLE.

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