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What is Amazon Kinesis Video Streams | AWS Kinesis Video Streams

In This Article, we'll learn about what is Amazon Kinesis Video Streams or AWS Kinesis Video Streams, get to know about its benefits, features, a glimpse at how it works, and some of its use cases.

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams is a completely managed AWS service that you can use to stream live video from devices to the AWS Cloud or construct applications for real-time video processing or batch-oriented video analytics.

Kinesis Video Streams isn't only storage for video data. You can utilize it to watch your video streams in real-time as they are received in the cloud. You can either monitor your live streams in the AWS Management Console or develop up your own monitoring application that uses the Kinesis Video Streams API library to display live video.

You can utilize Kinesis Video Streams to capture massive amounts of live video data from millions of sources, including smartphones, security cameras, webcams, cameras embedded in cars, drones, and other sources. You can likewise send non-video time-serialized data like audio data, thermal imagery, depth data, RADAR data, and more. As live video streams from these sources into a Kinesis video stream, you can generate applications that can access the data, frame-by-frame, in real-time for low-latency processing. Kinesis Video Streams is source-agnostic; you can stream video from a computer's webcam using the GStreamer library, or from a camera on your network using RTSP.

You can likewise configure your Kinesis video stream to solidly store media data for the predefined maintenance period. Kinesis Video Streams naturally stores this data and scrambles it very still. Furthermore, Kinesis Video Streams time-records put away data dependent on both the maker time stamps and ingestion time stamps. You can construct applications that occasionally group process the video data, or you can make applications that require specially appointed access to chronicled data for various use cases.

Your custom applications, real-time or batch-oriented, can run on Amazon EC2 instances. These applications might process data using open source deep-learning algorithms, or use third-party applications that integrate with Kinesis Video Streams.


Connect and stream from millions of devices

Kinesis Video Streams enables you to connect and stream video, audio, and other data from millions of devices ranging from consumer smartphones, drones, dash cams, and more. You can use the Kinesis Video Streams producer libraries to configure your devices and reliably stream in real-time, or as after-the-fact media uploads.

Durably store, encrypt, and index data

You can configure your Kinesis video stream to durably store media data for custom retention periods. Kinesis Video Streams also generates an index over the stored data based on producer-generated or service-side time stamps. Your applications can easily retrieve specified data in a stream using the time-index.

Focus on managing applications instead of infrastructure

Kinesis Video Streams is serverless, so there is no framework to set up or manage. You don't have to stress over the deployment, configuration, or elastic scaling of the underlying infrastructure as your data streams and a number of consuming applications grow and shrink. Kinesis Video Streams consequently does all the administration and maintenance required to manage streams, so you can focus on the applications, not the infrastructure.

Build real-time and batch applications on data streams

You can utilize Kinesis Video Streams to construct custom real-time applications that work on live data streams, and make batch or ad hoc applications that work on durably endured data without strict latency requirements. You can construct, deploy, and manage custom applications: open source (Apache MXNet, OpenCV), homegrown, or third-party solutions via the AWS Marketplace to process and analyze your streams. Kinesis Video Streams Get APIs enable you to construct multiple concurrent applications processing data on a real-time or batch-oriented basis.

Stream data more securely

Kinesis Video Streams encrypts all data as it flows through the service and when it persists the data. Kinesis Video Streams enforces Transport Layer Security (TLS)-based encryption on data streaming from devices, and encrypts all data at rest using AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS). Additionally, you can manage access to your data using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Pay as you go

Pay-as-you-go allows you to easily adapt to changing business needs without overcommitting budgets and improving your responsiveness to changes.  With a pay-as-you-go model, you can adapt your business depending on need and not on forecasts, reducing the risk of over positioning or missing capacity.


SDKs to securely stream data from devices

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams provides SDKs in C++ and Java that you can build and configure for your connected devices. These SDKs manage to receive data from the device's media source and securely transmitting it to a Kinesis video stream on a frame-by-frame basis in real-time. The SDK is also available as a GStreamer-plugin for constructing custom media-data flows.

Live and on-demand video playback with HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams enables playback of the ingested video using a fully-managed HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) capability. As devices stream video into Kinesis Video Streams, you can do live playback and replay archived videos on any browser or mobile platform.

Video stream parser library

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams offers a stream parser library that you can use inside your applications to handily recover outline level items, concentrate and gather metadata joined to pieces, blend back to back sections, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. It permits you to promptly incorporate famous ML systems, for example, Apache MxNet, TensorFlow, and OpenCV.

Automatic data encryption in transit and at rest

The Amazon Kinesis Video Streams SDK encodes the casings and parts produced by the device's equipment for secure gushing utilizing Transport Layer Security (TLS), a convention that gives protection and data honesty between two conveying applications.

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams consequently scrambles the data you put into your video streams utilizing AWS Key Management Service (KMS), helping you ensure your data very still. Data is scrambled before it is kept in touch with the Kinesis Video Streams stockpiling, and it is unscrambled after it is recovered from capacity. Therefore, your data is constantly scrambled very still inside the stream.

Access control with AWS IAM

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams integrates with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), enabling you to control access to your video streams. You can create policies that allow only specific users and groups to take specific actions such as putting data into or retrieving data from your video streams.

Time-encoded data

Time-encoded data is any data wherein the records are in a period arrangement, and each record is identified with its past and next records. Video is a case of time-encoded data, where each edge is identified with the past and next casings through spatial changes. Different instances of time-encoded data incorporate sound, RADAR, and LIDAR signals. Amazon Kinesis Video Streams is structured explicitly for financially savvy, proficient ingestion and capacity of a wide range of time-encoded data for examination and ML use cases.

How it Works

Build applications with ultra-low latency live streaming and two-way real-time communication.

Use cases

Smart home

With Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, you can easily stream live video and audio from camera-equipped home devices such as doorbells, baby monitors, webcams, and home surveillance systems to AWS. You would then be able to utilize the streams to assemble an assortment of savvy home applications running from straightforward video playback to clever lighting, atmosphere control frameworks, and security observing. You can utilize WebRTC capacities for two-way, continuous media spilling, and cooperation for use cases like chatting with the individual at your doorbell or remotely controlling your camera-empowered robot vacuum from your mobile phone.

Example: Interact with a camera-enabled doorbell from your mobile phone

Smart city

Many cities have installed large numbers of cameras at traffic lights, parking lots, shopping malls, and just about every public venue, capturing video 24/7. You can use Amazon Kinesis Video Streams to securely and cost-effectively ingest, store, and analyze this massive volume of video data to help solve traffic problems, help prevent crime, dispatch emergency responders, and much more.

Example: Amber alert system

Industrial automation

You can utilize Amazon Kinesis Video Streams to gather a variety of time-encoded data, for example, RADAR and LIDAR signals, temperature profiles, and profundity data from mechanical hardware. You would then be able to break down the data utilizing your preferred AI structure including Apache MxNet, TensorFlow, and OpenCV for mechanical robotization utilize cases like prescient upkeep. For example, you can predict the lifetime of a gasket or valve and schedule part replacement in advance, reducing downtime and defects in a manufacturing line.

Example: Equipment preventive maintenance

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