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What are Python libraries?

May 13, 2020 Python, , 5819 Views
In this article we will discuss about python libraries and top 10 libraries of python

Libraries or packages

Are a set of modules already predefined to ease the specific task. These libraries and packages are set of already coded instructions that can be directly used in a program without rewriting it.

Python has over 1.7 million python library releases ready to ease the work. This article will tell you about the Top 10 libraries available to perform various important operations with lesser efforts and greater efficiency.


It is a python library that stands for “Numeric Python”.

This library offers a large collection of mathematical functions along with support for n-dimensional array and large matrices. It supports n-dimensional array in such a way that when you change the shape of the array, it will create the new array and will delete the old one.NumPy allows functionalities like manipulation of logical shapes, discrete transformation, linear algebra, and many other operations.

To Download: Click here


Matplotlib is a plotting library.  

It is a numerical extension of NumPy which is used for plotting the graphs and plots. This Library uses a python script to write 2-dimensional graphs. In various situations where graphs are important to visualize the quantity, Matplotlib is used.

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OpenCV stands for Open Source Computer Vision.

The python package aimed for image processing. This package allows both reading and writing of the image at the same time and as OpenCV uses Numpy to store coordinates of the image, it easy to rebuild, interrupt, and comprehend the image between dimensions. It is a library that made real-time computer vision technology usable and understandable. Although because of lack of documentation, it seems a little complex but built-in functions provide great help.

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TensorFlow is a library for Machine Learning.

In Machine learning, Tensor flow gives immediate iteration of the model. It also allows the user to create, manipulate and debug machine learning models. Although not only for machine learning, it can also be used for dataflow and differential programming. TensorFlow also have in-built methods for dataflow and differential programming

To Download: Click here


Keras is the library used for neural networks.

This library written in python, allows users to do experimentation with deep neural networks. Formation of blocks, layers, optimizers, and objectives are some of the features of neural networking implemented by Keras. It also consists of tools that are useful while working with images and texts.   It is an API for humans. Even after being used for such a critical aspect, it is very user friendly.

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Scikit Learn:

Scikit learn is one of the simplest and efficient libraries of python which is used for predictive data analysis. Scikit learns package holds great compatibility with other Libraries such as SciPy, Numpy, and Matplotlib. This library supports Classification, Regression, and Clustering algorithms so that visualization and prediction are easy to make.

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When it comes to scientific calculations SciPy is the library need of the hour.

Pronounced as “Sigh Pie” this library has various modules that are suitable for optimization and integration and modules for calculations such as Linear algebra, statistics, etc. When it comes to calculation, NumPy and SciPy go hand in hand for Numerical and Scientific calculations especially.

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SQLAlchemy is the database toolkit that acts as an object-relation mapper.

This library comes with great support for the huge database. It not only allows the user to map objects or classes but also allows the insertion, update, and deletion in a row. This package gives a professional and efficient pattern to the application.

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It is a cross-platform wrapper package of python mainly used to create Video games. This package consists of both graphics and sound libraries written in python which makes it more compatible and independent as no library is needed to be imported. This package is also featured in Simple DirectMedia Layer which means games created using PyGame are compatible with all SDL enabled devices like Tablet, phone.

PyGame makes the creation of games easier.

To download: Click here


NetworkX is a unique library that gives freedom and ease to the programmer while working with graphs.

NetworkX library is used to create, manipulate, and study the structure, dynamics, and functions of complex networks using graphs. It supports data structures and graph standards used for creating graphs. It gives the freedom from a specified type of data used as graph nodes which means nodes of a graph can be anything be it XML data, text, or any other type of information.

One can create a network graph using anything as a node.

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