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The era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

In this article, we will discuss the importance and emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

The term Artificial Intelligence or AI consists of two words Artificial and Intelligence. Artificial signifies to something which is made by humans whereas the word Intelligence signifies the human ability to think. There is a huge misconception, some people think that AI is a system, there assumption is wrong because it is not a system as AI is implemented in the system itself. It is an intelligence mechanism, where we have the authorization to add all the capabilities to a machine the same as humans, like thinking as humans think and respond to the stimulus as we humans do. The main aim of AI is to raise the success chances and does not focus on the accuracy of the model. It behaves like a computer program that has the capability to perform smart work. The prime aim of AI is to simulate natural intelligence to solve complex and hefty problems. It leads to developing a system to copy the human brain and to respond to behave in various circumstances. AI goes for finding the optimal solution.
Machine Learning or ML is the learning in which machines have the capability to learn on their own without being explicitly programmed by humans. It comes under AI that gives the system the ability to automatically learn and improve from past experience. Here we can generate an algorithm by integrating input and output of that program. ML  is an acquisition of knowledge or skill. The main aim of ML is to increase accuracy and does not care about the success rate. It is a simple concept – the machine takes data from the humans or surroundings and learns from that data. The aim is to learn from past data or experience on certain tasks to increase the performance of the machine learning model. It involves creating self-learning algorithms. ML goes for the only solution whether it is optimal or not.

The various technology currently using the concept of Machine Learning are Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and many more. IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are providing the services in form of IBM: Watson, Amazon: Amazon Machine Learning, Microsoft: Azure ML Studio, Google: Tensorflow (support for deep learning). 

The practical applications of machine learning are the face and visual recognition, combating cybercrime, spam classification, bioinformatics, stock market predictions, etc. 

Machine learning plays a crucial role to simulate human behavior in the modern era. 

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