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What are the various processing schemes in NLP?

Oct 13, 2020 NLP , processing scheme, 3983 Views
In this article you will learn about the various processing schemes in NLP

What are the various processing schemes in NLP?

Natural language Processing:-

Natural language processing (NLP) is a field of artificial intelligence and linguistic. It focuses on developing a system that allows computers to communicate with people using everyday language. It is a significant area of AI because a computer would be considered intelligent if it can understand the commands given in natural language. The main task of NLP is to deal with the interaction between computers and human languages.

Natural languages processing techniques:-

1) Pattern matching

2) Syntactically-driver parsing

3) Semantic grammars

4) Case frame instantiation

5) Robust parsing

1) Pattern matching:-

This technique involves interpreting input utterance as a whole, rather than building up their interpretation by combining the structure and meaning of words or other lower-level constituents.

2) Syntactically-driver parsing:-

This technique deals with the ways that words can lit together to form higher-level units such as phrases, clauses, and sentences.

3) Semantic grammars:-

Natural language analysis based on semantic grammar is similar to syntactically driver passing except that in semantic grammar the categories used for defined syntactically.

4) Case frame instantiation:-

Case frame instantiation is one of the major passing techniques under active research today. It has some very useful computational properties such as its recursive nature.

5) Robust parsing:-

Any NLP which is used in a practical application with a multitude of users must be able to handle input that is outside its grammar.

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