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Is there any difference between JPG or JPEG format?

Learn the difference between JPG and JPEG format in this article.

JPG and JPEG are practically the same. They are a sort of file format that is used to preserve digital photos. A JPEG image has the file extension.jpg or.jpeg. Excluding the number of characters, there is no noticeable difference between JPG and JPEG.

JPEG is the most widely used photograph format. This is particularly useful for colour photographs or images with various blends or gradients. Unfortunately, it is not ideal for sharp edges and may smudge slightly. This is primarily since JPEG is a lossy compression approach used in digital photography.

This signifies that there is a minor decrease in quality when downloading an image in JPEG format owing to compression. As a result, JPEG is not the ideal format when multiple modifications and re-saving are essential. There is a minor decrease in quality due to compression with each re-save. However, if only a few edits are made and the image is saved in a high-quality format, the minor decrease in quality due to compression is largely insignificant.

One perk of adopting the JPEG format is that, due to compression, a JPEG image will only eat up a few MB of data. Because of JPG's prominence, it is also acknowledged that it is not supported by the majority of applications. JPEG is widely used for image web hosting, beginner and average photographers, digital cameras, and so on. This is primarily owing to the reason that high-quality photographs may be saved in less amount of storage.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms