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Intelligent Speech Interaction - Alibaba Cloud

We will learn about Intelligent Speech Interaction by Alibaba Cloud

Intelligent Speech Interaction - ALIBABA CLOUD

Alibaba Cloud technology empowers its consumers with the power of Intelligent Speech Interaction, such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language understanding. Enabling users to integrate the ability to "listen, speak and utilize action".

The services provided by Intelligent Speech Interaction

  • Real-time speech recognition
  • Recording file recognition
  • Speech Synthesis
  • Short Sentence Recognition (SSR)
  • Speech Synthesis Sound customization

Benefits of ISIN - Intelligent Speech Interaction

  • Ultra-high decoding rate
  • Extensive field coverage
  • Optimization tool
  • High recognition accuracy 

Use of Real-time recognition

  • Recording of customer service calls
  • Real-time meeting translating
  • Real-time creation of subtitles of videos

Use of Recording File System

Call center quality assurance

  • Medical record filling in hospital
  • Meeting minutes summarization
  • Recording of Court trials

Use of Speech Synthesis

  • Smart Devices
  • Literature audio reading
  • Barrier-Free broadcasting
  • Intelligent customer service

Use of Short Sentence Recognition

  • Voice Short Message Service
  • Voice Command Control
  • Voice Search

Use of Speech Synthesis sound Customization

  • Hotword Speech Recognition
  • Custom model generation


Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Speech Interaction Service provides a whole lot of pool to choose from based upon need. It is us who need to take care of the requirement and use at it's best.










A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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