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If your audio causes an irritating echo while in a meeting, Google Meet will now notify you.

Google brings a new feature into Google meet that will notify us whenever our audio creates annoying echo.

Just imagine you're in a virtual meeting and suddenly an echo comes from your side, how annoying it would be for other participants present in the meeting. An unwanted echo can cause disruption while listening to the employers. Google recently came up with a new feature for its users to assist them knowing that they're creating an echo for everyone. Google conveys this message to the participants by alerting them while they're in a meeting. This doesn't mean that previously there was no option to control unwanted echos but previously people were required to pause the meeting in the middle to check whether any echo came from their side or not. 


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How will this feature work?

Now, whenever you begin a meeting, a red dot on the More Options button will appear which will assist you in knowing if others will hear an echo from your side. Google will also notify you regarding the echo issue via text messages.


Once you click on the alert message, you'll be redirected to Google Mate's help page, which assists you in controlling or reducing the echo.


Although, for some reason, if you're not able to reduce the echo you can remain silent by tapping on a silent option as it is better to be silent rather than to annoy others for no reason.


Customers of Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business can take leverage of this feature. Currently, the feature is not yet available for all users, only a few users can use this feature although the feature is expected to be available to all users in around 15 days.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

In the past few months, Google Meet added several features into its platforms for the convenience of its users including limiting who can share their screen, end a meeting for everyone, mute users with a single click, and limiting who can send chat messages.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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