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How to highlight text in google docs?

Nov 17, 2021 highlight google docs, text, 124 Views
Here in this article, we have explained How to highlight text in google docs?

How to highlight text in google docs?

Preparing a presentation and want to highlight something in your text? But don't know how to do it? then you have arrived at the right place to get your answer. Here in this article, we are going  

to show you how to highlight a text in Google docs.

Highlighting can be a good way to attract the reader's attention to your piece of work. There are so many ways through which you can use a highlighter and can use them in your text to make your words remarkable. Have a look at the complete article.

Want to highlight the text in your google docs?

How to highlight text in google docs? 

For highlighting the text in your docs you need to open the document and select the part you want to highlight, make a right-click to your mouse and select the text you want to select. First of all, it will get highlighted in blue color, no this is not done here it’s just the starting this blue color part is showing what you have selected for highlighting, that blue color highlight will be escape if you will tap somewhere.

Now you will have various options with you once you have selected the part you want to highlight very first. Do you want to make it bold? Or want it in any different writing style there are plenty of writing styles mentioned in the top center corner of the app.

Besides the size option there is one option of B which means BOLD if you want to only bold the selected text then selecting bold is a good option but if want boldness in a different color then,

At the top only there is one option for A underlined with a color if you will tap that, one color chart pops out, and select any of the colors you want to use as a highlighter. 

There is another simple way to stand out your text from the crowd using the icon of Italics. It is an easier way to highlight and not at all complex. select the text and tap on the I button available besides BOLD. it will convert your text to italics which is in cursive style.                                                         

Once you have chosen the color and style, tap on OK to make it permanent, but a good thing is you can make changes anytime with your text so if you find your highlighted part not good you can change it in a new way again.

This was all about the information on how to highlight your text in google docs? Do you find this information useful? What are your thoughts on the same share with us in the comments? Till then, have happy learning!

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