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Best in Class programming language for Artificial Intelligence | AI


Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly, due to its empowering methodology, be an at-home system, cars, or the shopping cart you are trying to fill, and most recently in medical fields too. In the recent era, Artificial Intelligence is in trend though it was coined long ago, due to its requirement and market research.

Anyways, this article will straight forward to investigate the Best 3 Language for Artificial Intelligence or AI popularly:

  1. Python
  2. Lisp
  3. R

Let's get into deeper:

Why Python?

Python is considered first for the following reasons

  1. Many AI algorithm can be implemented on it, thanks to its the simplicity of algorithm syntax.
  2. Efficient is system running memory allocation
  3. Takes less time in development than that of its competitors like Java, Ruby.
  4. Has lot's of libraries like Numpy, Scipy, etc for AI development
  5. Rapid growth in Cognitive service development.

Why Lisp?

The Lisp programming language I guess most of you didn't hear or thinking why Lisp, it's such an old language, let's start to reason you then:

  1. Due to it's Read Eval Print Loop contribution
  2. Best in class to implement metaprogramming techniques
  3. Provides macro machinery
  4. you can code both high level and system language through proper annotation
  5. Did I just forget to tell you it was specifically designed by the AI founder for development in Artificial Intelligence


Why R?


R programming language is mainly chosen for data analysis and data Science leading to what you may add these features to Artificial Intelligence too.

  1. great mathematical tools designed for statistics
  2. best in class for data Science algorithms
  3. a great choice for machine learning algorithm implementations
  4. most preferred for operations which include real data analysis
  5. greate techniques for data wrangling

Well, these were my reasons, you will have your own choices too and I appreciate it too. If you love please share these articles such that AI enthusiasts can get the benefit , and love technology and love sharing. 


A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms