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Applications of AI

May 10, 2020 AI, 2750 Views
In this article you will learn about applications of Artificial Intelligence...

Application of Artificial Intelligence

Every branch of science, engineering, and technology shares the tools and techniques available in the domain of artificial intelligence. Application areas of AI are classified as:-

  1. Expert Systems
  2. Natural language programs (NLP)
  3. Speech recognition
  4. Industrial Automation and Manufacturing
  5. Robotics
  6. Game playing
  7. Machine Learning

1) Expert Systems:-

An expert system is a software package that accumulates the knowledge and decision making capabilities of the specialists in a particular field. Expert systems are automatic systems. They respond as an intelligent assistant by giving advice and suggesting possible decisions. Expert systems have been built that can diagnose faults in military systems like aircraft, radars, etc.

2) Natural language programs (NLP):-

One of the long-standing goals of artificial intelligence is the creation of programs that are capable of understanding and generating human language. A natural language program interprets the parts of speech the meaning of a sentence and then converts the sentence/commands in the computer’s own language that it can understand and process. Such a program transforms sentences occurring as part of a dialog into data structures that convey the intended meaning of the sentences.

3) Speech Recognition:-

Speech recognition provides a means by which speech is broken down into the individual word tokens. Discrete speech recognition is used widely today, presenting a minor inconvenience to the user.

4) Industrial Automation and Manufacture:-

Industrial Automation is concerned with introduction, incorporation, and intervention of automation, starting from raw material handling, planning, and production of items and their assembly leading to higher capacity equipment and their inventory. Automation means less human interference, more computing with a knowledge enriched environment. Flexible manufacturing system has emerged to tie up with AI for industrial automation in most of the leading and pioneering industries in the world.

5) Robotics:-

Robotics is one of the prime areas of AI applications. The AI methodology is an application to robotics in two ways: one is design and control of robot and other is the application of robots to various fields such as manufacturing, mining, surgery. Thus robotics is a field of AI that enhances the ability to move and act in the world, possibly responding to new perceptions. The application of the robotics system is highly useful in places where human movement is restricted as in nuclear plants or mine. Robotics systems work intelligently in such places and atmosphere where hazards prevail for humans with high probability.

6) Game playing:-

Game playing is one of the oldest areas of attempt in artificial intelligence. A chess-playing computer is proof of a machine. Doing something using intelligence also, the simplicity of the rules and their application in the program implies that it is easy to represent the game as search through a space of possible game positions. Thus, game playing is one of the leading domain where AI has been applied with great success.

7) Machine Learning:-

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence that is concerned with the design and development of algorithms and techniques that allow computers to learn. The major focus of machine learning research is to extract information from data automatically by computational and statistical methods.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms