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Alibaba Cloud - Image Search Service

Dec 18, 2019 AlibabaCloud, cloud computing, Alibaba, 5556 Views
In this article, we will learn about Alibaba Cloud Image Search Service

Alibaba Cloud - Image Search Service


Image Search Service by Alibaba Cloud is one of the most premium services that one can avail for, includes most of the deep learning and machine learning algorithms with computer vision to provide this service seamlessly. The analysis of image and searching of the image with strict guidelines to the prior is made such that, every person and every organization can be benefited.


source - http://docs-aliyun.cn-hangzhou.oss.aliyun-inc.com/assets/pic/66657/intl_en/1565769806901/1.png



Benefits of Alibaba Image Search Services 

  • High Accuracy: Provides industry-leading search services.
  • Customization: Provides customization services throughout the globe 
  • Real-Time action: Provides action that falls into consideration of real-time.
  • Fast response: The action responds to queries in milliseconds.
  • Large Volume capacity: Supports to over 10 billion items.

Features of Alibaba Image Search Services

  1. Generic Image Search -  This service makes the user obtain images containing subjects or elements that are similar to the input image.
  2. Product Image Search - This service allows the user to obtain information about products that are similar or identical input.


  • Log into Image Search Console.
  • Click create Instance
  • Select Region and click on the Purchase page.
  • Select Query Frequency and capacity
  • Enter Instance Name
  • Select Package type, Package, and Duration
  • Click Buy Now



A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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