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Aug 28, 2019 Artificial Intelligence, AI, 1601 Views
In this article, we will discuss about whether AI is Artificial Intelligence or Advanced Intelligence

ArtificialIntelligence or AI is popular among new edge technologies be at software production or software usage or be at user experience, making most out of the possible ways to make sure that the power of the machine is served at most for the benefit of Human Kind.

Today we will discuss the very same ArtificialIntelligence (AI) or Advanced Intelligence 

AI is the way to make computers at your ease, the units make use to understand your needs and make resources for you whenever you need, without even asking for it, well this is known as regular usage tracking environment behaviour , where the machine tracks your most recent application usage and then provides the very same applications at whenever you need, they create a pattern is known as application use behaviour, in which it makes pushes into consideration that how a user uses a computer and in what way.

We are not stopped by this, well let's discuss how if the machine takes the decision of its own? The machine uses parameters to pass certain decision upon requirement, what if a certain resource is failed, immediately the machine takes to care for the decision to be carried out takes out an alternate way to make sure that the task or programme is executed properly, in this case, the machine is made used to know of all the resources of the computer that is available for the user.

We again know how to use the resources at their full potential and which scenario, right? What if the machine knows too - classic right? That too is achieved by the machine for the enhanced user experience to make sure that the user is able to analyze the system components at their fullest potential. This is again done by the user experience methodology programme that a certain company offers to enhance the user experience ff their customer by enabling system feedbacks.

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Well to the point - these all wouldn't be possible if it was not programmed by a human - so I Leave that on you that whether it is Artificial Intelligence or Advanced Intelligence?

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