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Python Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

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21. Which function overloads the + operator?

Refer documentation.
  • __add__()
  • __plus__()
  • __sum__()
  • none of the mentioned

22. Which operator is overloaded by __invert__()?

__invert__() overloads ~.
  • !
  • ~
  • ^

23. Let A and B be objects of class Foo. Which functions are called when print(A + B) is executed?

The function __add__() is called first since it is within the bracket. The function __str__() is then called on the object that we received after adding A and B.
  • __add__(), __str__()
  • __str__(), __add__()
  • __sum__(), __str__()
  • __str__(), __sum__()

24. What will be the output of the following Python code?

class A: 
def __init__(self): self.__x = 1 
class B(A): 
def display(self): 
def main(): 
obj = B() 

Private class members in the superclass can’t be accessed in the subclass.

  • Error, invalid syntax for object declaration
  • Error, private class member can’t be accessed in a subclass

25. What will be the output of the following Python code?


The expression shown above results in a name error. This is because the name ‘t’ is not defined.

  • IndexError
  • NameError
  • TypeError
  • syntaticalError