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Python Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

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51. Guess the output



b is a
  • False
  • True

52. Output is

b=[sum(a[0:x+1]) for x in range(0,len(a))]

  • 10
  • [1,3,4]
  • 4
  • [1,3,6,10]

53. Which of the following data type use Key:pair

  • list
  • tuple
  • dictionary
  • set

54. Output is

print("Hello {0[0]} and {0[1]}".format(('foo', 'bin')))
  • Hello foo and bin
  • Hello (‘foo’, ‘bin’) and (‘foo’, ‘bin’)
  • Error
  • None of the above

55. Are nested if-else are allowed?

  • No
  • yes